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Ship outfitting

All this is very minor griping, and I appologise for that as truly the prototype is awesome and better than some games that I've bought if I'm to be entierly hounest. however.

When dealing with the bigger ships it gets to be a little, well tiny with the boxes you're slotting weapons into, I think this could easily be solved by allowing it to render some boxes side by side. or by allowing sorting by type meaning you need less boxes as at one time or another you would only need to show the ones associated with weapons or generators or structure, etc.

It'd also be nice (especially as fleets and empires grow more) to be able to outfit ships without having to take over as a pilot for that ship.

And lastly I'd like to be able to tell more clearly where the hard point I'm applying something to actually applies to relative to the model on the ship I'm applying it too.

But it's all minor and I'm sure some of this would be done before anyway, that's my two cents.
Thank you so much for all your awesome effort.

Re: Ship outfitting

Small-scale suggestion for a change:

Task: Installing a LASER while a LAUNCHER (examples for clarity =) is currently installed in that hardpoint.

When installing the LASER from STORAGE, the LAUNCHER is "pushed out of it's hardpoint" and is currently put into the ship's cargo hold.
Since I am outfitting from STORAGE, the LAUNCHER should go to STORAGE instead.
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