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Custom Ships for Kickstarter Goal

I know that this does not at all encompass anything to do with ships being procedurally created but I was wondering if as a far off goal for Kickstarter that a choice of custom ships from other games/movies/etc could be implemented or that similar ships created by other people could be shared.
I would be able to look through this thread frequently to see what ships could be suggested the game and hopefully set up a poll to see which ones would be most popular.

Of course this is totally up to you Josh if you are happy with this?

My Suggestions:
Serenity from Firefly
Starship Enterprise from Star Trek
X-Wing from Star Wars

Your Suggestions:
Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (Deej)
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Re: Custom Ships for Kickstarter Goal

Shouldn’t we be able to create a lot of these ships with the editor and perhaps custom skins? Star trek ships are manly just simple shapes (dishes and cylinders)

Perhaps if sum one makes say an enterprise with the editor, they could post it in a in-game file share library for others to download and implement in their games. This may also be good for sharing any really cool ships that get generated.

Re: Custom Ships for Kickstarter Goal

TanC wrote:Implementing ships from other licensed series could incur the wrath of copyright holders.
It is easily resolved by allowing modding, look at X series for example. You can find all kind of well known ships there, I had Millenium Falcon, Ebon Hawk and Normandy MKII in the same game easily. A bigger question is whether this procedural universe will even allow any artist-generated models to be added. The entire concept of procedural ships is a bit alien to me and I am not sure how much control you can have over the results of it. So, for a kickstarter goal we can ask Josh to allow non-procedural ships to be added (or may be explain that we can somehow trick his procedural generator to create the ships we want? ).

EDIT: scrap it, with what ship editor appears to be according to the recent update, that won't make any sense.
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Re: Custom Ships for Kickstarter Goal

As TanC said, officially putting ships from other games/universes will cause legal trouble.

That said it would be nice if we could add custom 3D parts/textures through modding, so you can make your very own Serenity or USS Enterprise to putter around.

I would however, like to see some unique ship parts or something that are exclusive for Kickstarter supporters, as many other KS projects have to some degree or another. :)

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