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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

((Softlocked. I know there's a lot less going on in-between posts this time, but this may end up being a bit big, and I'd like to handle everything new in its own turn. I'm also dropping/retconning the Kinorvan pistol-waving thing. Don't want it to affect the other players if it isn't being addressed, and there's nothing they can really do about it. We'll just pretend it didn't happen. I don't like it, but as it stands, it just serves to hurt everyone else without cause, and that doesn't sit well with me.))
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

(Very, very sorry about the absence. Last time I checked the forums nothing had happened, then all of a sudden it’s Thursday and everything is changed. Again I sincerely apologize, and if Tal allows it, I’ll just have Nilo sit back and observe the exchange.)

I sit down near Soairse, overwatching the exchange. “My apologies, I zoned out for a moment.”

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Turn 17
Spoiler:      SHOW
((I apologize for my HORRIBLE ability (or lack thereof) to draw fysar and hiltorel))
  Both inmates suddenly fall silent - down the hallway, they suddenly hear a voice: "FMU's here for the prisoner. Bring her down. And, uh... Afon ifar kookarar, misi bashas." It sounds like it's coming over a radio.
  Another voice answers - this one louder. "Vavinko."
  The two inmates peer out of their hiding spot and see one of the pairs of guards split in two, as the previous speaker says a few words to his comrade and makes a quick exit down a side hallway. This leaves the other fysar out there alone.
  Sukava and Vynkor look at each other. Is this their opportunity? Do the Fates finally smile upon them? Do they finally have a single guard they're able to take down?
  But no. The guard begins walking swiftly in the opposite direction, talking into his radio in a low, chattering hiss. "Febivo Keshor? Kanoka? Okhal hake. Kinorvan kekra kevani kri afon hiliil sotak ifar kichan - mebi kakvire vashah Adopan. Vormis afon kalal ran af sikagi ohkaka kofivas." The little fireteam hears him chatter a bit more, and some angry-sounding chattering coming from the other end.
  "Give me some of that," Vynkor hisses reproachfully, pointing at Sukava's very full arms.
  "Fine, take some," Sukava whispers. She almost drops half of it just trying to shift it around. "But leave the rifle."
  And so, through this sequence of events, Vynkor comes to be in possession of everything except Sukava's assault rifle. And the knife, which Sukava has stuck down her pants. ((This also means of course that she has very limited ammo.))
  Vynkor eyes the knife critically. "That's just begging for a wardrobe malfunction."
  "Yeah, yeah... I wonder what got that guy so agitated?" Sukava muses.
  Vynkor shakes her head. "Something about that prisoner transport seems to have set him off. He's acting suspicious; maybe he's a double agent. We should follow him and see if he goes anywhere interesting. And then mug him."
  "Absolutely," Sukava agrees.
  Their stuff re-ordered, the pair marches out into the hallway.
  "So... where'd he go?"
  But neither of the pair can answer that question. It looks like they missed their opportunity.
  For the record, it's probably Marina's fault. Most things are.


  Looking up from his PDA, Buck whispers, "Looks like Vynk n' that new lady bit the dust... Them slates on the table are theirs. Damn aliens! 'Least I scrubbed them of any data - they're gonna get as much info from them as from a sidewalk tile now."
  "She shall have a mention in my autobiography!" Brom whispers grandly. It's an impressive feat, actually - a grand whisper. No one present is quite sure how he pulls it off, other than through pure Bromism. "An excellent person! She hoped to spread my wisdom to those less fortunate!"
  "Yeah, but how the hell did they get the PDAs?" Buck muses, shaking his head. "Unless... unless those two just strolled in here n' shouted who they are." As Buck thinks about it, though, he realizes that it's a nonsensical idea: that would make them as stupid as Beta, and that's virtually impossible. "Anyway, whatever these aliens did to find out 'bout them n' hunt 'em down could be used against the rest of us, too. Which reminds me, somethin's been naggin' me."
  "Hmm? What's that?" Yuuji asks, puzzled about why Buck would be turning to him.
  "Give me your slate," Buck demands. "Shoulda done this ages ago, damn it."
  Yuuji glances around, wondering if he missed something. "Done... what?" Cautiously, he pulls out his PDA and hands it to Buck, making sure that nobody in the room gets a close look.
  "Just give me a minute."

  Buck starts digging around in Yuuji's PDA for info on the weird intrusion that he had mentioned earlier. In Yuuji's own words: "It flashed some intrusion warning for a second and then went on as if nothing happened. My PDA might be compromised. I'm not sure. I'm not good enough at handling computers to check the thing over myself. If it was compromised, it also must have been a very quick attack, and thus probably too well hidden for me to find anyway. The same might happen to you if you poke around the network too much..."
  It takes some time - the tracks are very well hidden - but Buck eventually manages to sort out exactly what's going on with Yuuji's datapad - and, by extension, his own. It was accessed from an outside connection labeled "HABBIKIN-FIMBAN-RSK5Z0XZI8". "Habbikin" is just a Fysarian datapad model, and "FIMBAN" is known in the hacking/computer community to roughly equate to "user". The rest of it is just an identification code - a code that most hacking software is able to block out or change, which makes it "interesting" that it's still there.
  After digging through a couple databases, Buck discovers that the device in question is registered to one "Vambal Iinaknati". Vambal is listed elsewhere as a gas freighter crewman and engineer. He's certainly not a hacker... which means that the PDA was likely stolen.
  For a couple minutes, Buck puzzles over the results. If what he's found is at all accurate, it means that the hacker stole some random guy's datapad and, without any real software, managed to hack through a Tartarus Inc. PDA's security. Either they've had practice, or they're very, very good. Perhaps even a little better than Buck himself.

  Meanwhile, Brom has gone back to the computer to research the other mission's planet and star system. What he's found is... not very unusual. The planet is apparently called "Eatlan". It's about 1.2 AU from its star (standard for a garden world), possesses plant life and a breathable atmosphere, and Gs are in an acceptable range (1.38Gs). The temperature's a bit warm and tropical, and it's apparently very jungle-y, but not much else is noteworthy. There is, however, a second garden world in the system - one that is curiously absent from most records - one called "Firized". Brom can't find much about it at all, other than the fact that a small pirate fleet vanished over it roughly 54 years ago, in 3098. No traces were ever found.

  Brom and Buck are just turning back to tell everyone what they've uncovered when they hear a sound coming from the direction of Mr. Feb Keshor, sitting over on his sofa. It sounds like a voice emanating from a handheld radio: "Febivo Keshor? Kanoka? Okhal hake. Kinorvan kekra kevani kri afon hiliil sotak ifar kichan - mebi kakvire vashah Adopan. Vormis afon kalal ran af sikagi ohkaka kofivas."
  Feb doesn't seem to be pleased by this at all, and gets to his feet, speaking into the device. "Kinorvan? Mokavi? Vokir efol ka koofali milagi?"
  "Ifar FMU!"
  Hearing this, Feb succeeds in doing the angriest-sounding Fysar-chattering the little fireteam has heard to date. "Aviri mokar ka oval ohkaka?! Ka miven anuira meri!"
  "Mevisha iviri."
  Feb scoops up a couple devices from the sofa beside him and pockets them, talking quickly. He and the fysar on the other end share a few more sentences, and then they break contact. As soon as they do, Feb immediately begins shouting orders at the other gang members in the room. Savoske and the Bhezian get ordered elsewhere (along with the three fysar at the other end of the room), while Feb orders the hiltorel at the north end of the room to come with him - apparently telling him to arm himself along the way, seeing as the squid picks up a weapon. During all this, the name "Kinorvan" is growled frequently, along with what are apparently choice insults.
  And with that, Febivo Keshor Mikiikah walks briskly towards one of the eastern exits, the squid by his side.
  Confused, Buck calls out, "Hey, the hell's y'all goin'!? Is the Meshaba thing back already?"
  Feb pauses, and after a moment of thought, turns around. "My former second-in-command is trying to sell off our prisoner downstairs, posing as me. He's been trouble for a while." He eyes them sidelong before turning to leave. "If you're thinking about coming, I'm not gonna stop you, but I'm not gonna owe Mokila anything else either." With the added tone, the delicate meaning is clear: he would appreciate backup, but he's very certainly not straight-up asking for it.
  Brom doesn't even bother to consult with Buck, and immediately bursts out, "I welcome the opportunity with open arms! Lead me to the enemy, so that I may teach them the true meaning of fear! Bill! Yuuji! Prepare yourselves - great battle awaits us!"
  Buck chuckles, giving a sideways nod. "Sounds fun to me. Beats sittin' here n' kickin' rocks all day, that's for sure." He downs the rest of his beer and tosses the can aside, clattering to the floor.
  Feb nods in approval, turns on his heel, and marches out. Brom, Buck, and the squid follow close behind.
  Before he leaves, Brom doubles back and grabs the laser pistol and electron sword off the table, packing them in his backpack... just in case. Then he hurries after the others.
  Only Yuuji remains in the room, standing alone. Oh, they'll be back, he thinks to himself. I mean, of course they will be. ...right?
  But he's forced to wonder.


  Caleb places the crate on the coffee table and takes a seat, making a hand signal to his Frank and Saoirse. They bow their heads slightly, acting subservient, and begin unpacking the spiderbot. "I'm Cole," he begins coolly. "The Lavloxeri division of the FMU sent us with this combat robot to trade for one of your prisoners, Kaquyu Adopan. They seem very interested in her."
  The crate has now been turned upside-down, with the spiderbot resting on its top. Now free of the crate, it stands, its motors whirring quietly. Frank and Saoirse take a seat on the sofa, which leaves the armchair as the only open spot.
  Frank isn't showing it, but he's a bit rattled - first by the fact that they're so deep in enemy territory, then by the fact that they're unarmed, then by the bright lights shining in his face, and then by the fact that Kinorvan is actually holding a pistol - ballistic, from the looks of it. He glances at Saoirse, trying to determine if Saoirse is panicking, but no - Saoirse looks calm and collected. She has a lot of self-control. Frank can't tell whether or not Caleb is worried, but then, he's good at this sort of thing. Frank is better at talking to people like Maki and his grandfather, while Caleb is a lot better at tense negotiations. Maybe he ought to ask Caleb a little more about his past sometime... but not right now. Right now, he's just noticed that Nilo, with a stoic expression, hasn't yet sat down.
  Kinorvan has noticed as well - and the inmates are noticing he seems a little on edge. "Sit down," he says flatly - this time with a bit more force. He gestures sharply with his head towards the empty armchair, and then turns back to Caleb. "Spiderbot, right? Tasty. Ses said it was Opitek, he's not usually wrong." (Behind him, Ses beams from the praise.) "We'll deal: you show me how the thing works, and I call in the prisoner." He pulls out a small radio from a chest pocket with his left hand and speaks into it. "FMU's here for the prisoner. Bring her down. And, uh... Afon ifar kookarar, misi bashas."
  A voice responds, "Vavinko."
  "Ses isn't usually wrong, you say?" Frank muses quietly. He's privately worried that if Ses could identify the bot as Opitek, he could be able to identify their weapons as Tartarus.
  Kinorvan shakes his head and comes around to the front of the couch. "Robots are his specialty. He can identify anything from Opitek to Tasonatha, from Ralipxo Corp to UGM."
  "Need something identified?" Ses asks hopefully.
  Frank shakes his head. "Not really, no. Just curious."
  At this point, Kinorvan notices that Nilo still hasn't sat down. "Sit down!" he barks, pointing his pistol at Nilo, then the chair. "Do we have a problem, kalaki?"
  Nilo doesn't move.
  "There's no problem," Caleb says hurriedly. "We're just here to do business. Take a seat, Polaris."
  At the sound of his name, Nilo jolts as if startled, his expression unreadable in the dim light. "Ah, my apologies," he mumbles. "I zoned out for a moment." He quietly takes a seat in the armchair.

  Things grow awkwardly silent for a moment. The only sounds in the room are the other fysar sorting through and measuring out black flake, and the guy running around on the VR platform in the corner behind Kinorvan. He seems to be having a great time. Unfortunately, he's the only one.
  Caleb seizes control of the situation. "So, uh... the spiderbot itself is a voice-controlled combat model. It's armed with a concussion grenade and the equivalent of twin plasma pistols, and is quite intelligent at following commands. Allow me to demonstrate?"
  Kinorvan nods.
  A bit hesitantly at first, and then more confidently, Caleb begins making motions with his hand to direct the spider around. It seems to be able to see him perfectly no matter which direction it's facing, and is very adept at guessing what he means: the spiderbot leaps off the table, crawls across the floor, and climbs up the wall on to the right before leaping onto the ceiling. It soon drops back softly onto the table.
  "Not bad," the gang leader says. He actually looks like he's quite pleased - perhaps a bit smug, in fact. "Anything else?"
  Caleb nods. "It can follow commands in several languages, can armor itself, and attack given targets. It also is locked to only follow the commands of set users."
  The fysarian slyly inclines his head; he seems to like what he's heard. "Only the commands of set users? No one else?"
  "No one else," Caleb confirms with a nod.
  "Can you set it for me? To follow my commands?"
  Caleb hesitates, but finally says, "Yes... after we finish the trade."
  Kinorvan appears slightly put off by this; his grin widens, he spreads his hands. "Come on, you don't mistrust me, do you? I mean, you're FMU. We expected you. FMU will expect you to be going back with the prisoner - we wouldn't harm you, would we?"
  The rekt inmates share an uneasy glance.
  After a moment, Caleb shakes his head. "Prisoner first. Then we'll set it up."
  Kinorvan nods. "Then this is good timing," he says, louder, as a fysarian guard shuffles into the room, half-dragging a hiltorel woman behind him. "Here is the prisoner. Kifin - put the prisoner next to the table."
  The guard, Kifin, nods, and throws the girl roughly to the floor, giving her a kick for good measure. She lets out a weak, quiet yelp at the blow, but makes no attempt to defend herself.
  "Kaquyu Adopan," Kinorvan announces, waving his pistol with a mocking flourish as he scoffs, "Adjutant to 'Queen' Edibetso's third prime." Then, to Kifin, he adds quietly, "You're dismissed." Kifin nods and exits.
  Fireteam Beta looks the girl over with a questioning eye. She's stark naked, covered in grime, and she reeks of shit and piss. She's clearly been tortured at some point: her skin is spattered with her own blood, dried and dark blue. Old wounds on her sides still ooze, although most are smeared with some kind of orange, foul-smelling goo - probably discount stopgap medigel. She appears malnourished and weak; her thin arms shake and she winces with pain as she tries to prop herself up on one arm, looking over her surroundings.
  "Ah ah ah," Kinorvan says, sounding particularly smug. He points a pistol at the girl's head. "Don't move."
  The girl doesn't look like she has the slightest intention of trying anything. In fact, she looks terrified.


  "Shh! Quiet!" Vynkor motions for Sukava to zip it.
  Footsteps sound in the far corridor - along with a swishing, slapping sound, like something being dragged.
  "What is it?" Sukava whispers.
  "Well, if you'd shut up..."
  The first guard from before re-enters the main corridor, dragging - someone. It looks like a hiltorel... could it be Mofaet?
  Sukava gestures for Vynkor to follow, and the two inmates, barefoot, cautiously creep into the hall, keeping to the shadows. It would be hard - if not impossible - to catch up with the guard; the guard is moving swiftly. Half the time, he drags Mofaet behind him - whenever she stumbles, he jerks her roughly to her feet. Her hands don't appear bound - but this may be because she's too weak to try anything anyway.
  Freeing her isn't an option, obviously, and doesn't really cross their minds. Neither of them is in the habit of playing hero. They just want to get out alive.
  Down one hallway, then the next, the women creep at a brisk pace, half the time fearing they'll run into someone. At one point, in fact, they do - a hiltorel guard. But he doesn't see them - he just keeps moving. The broken fireteam rushes to catch up with their quarry, climbing two flights of low-cut stairs in the process.

  Eventually, the guard slows, heading through an open doorway and rounding one final corner. When they reach the corner, Sukava holds up a palm to stop and puts a finger to her lips, and they listen.
  There are voices in the next room.
  "Kaquyu Adopan," someone says, speaking the name with scorn. He's speaking in Galactic Standard. "Adjutant to 'Queen' Edibetso's third prime."
  More voices - but these are too quiet to hear.
  Sukava motions to Vynkor, and Vynkor understands: the guard is coming back their way. They glance around, looking for somewhere to hide - but there isn't anywhere they could. They could retreat to the hallway, further back, but if they're going to do that, they'll need to act quickly - immediately, in fact, with no time to spare - because if they don't, they're going to be discovered in only a matter of seconds.


  Feb Keshor isn't a very talkative individual. He's barely said a word the whole time they've been here, and this is no exception. Even now, as they jog through the corridors, armor clinking, he says little to Buck and Brom, only giving coded orders over the radio. It isn't until the group enters an elevator that he finally opens up and starts talking.
  "Kinorvan has been a problem for months," Feb explains. "He used to be my best man. We ran raids together, smuggled kwiisa, paid off kakiroris, grew the Minas Maniri from bandits in the Hole to what it is today. I always gave him a good cut, a choice part of the spoils, but it stopped being enough for him." He swaps out the magazine in his large, blocky assault rifle for a different set, checking it over carefully. The squid checks his weapon too, but returns to standing silently in the corner. The elevator continues to descend. "Kinorvan started wanting half the command - but I knew what was coming. Those loyal to me told me of his plans - he planned to overthrow me. He had so many loyal to him by that point that I couldn't kick him out without the gang shooting itself to pieces. So I demoted him - but only half the gang accepted it. The rest decided he deserved to be the only leader of the Minas Maniri. He rules through persuasion and false promises - promises of wealth and glory. He knows how to become popular, but he lacks experience and has little ability to lead."
  "And now?" Brom asks, as the elevator comes to a stop. The doors open; the group exits, Feb Keshor leading the way.
  "And now he's building an army," Feb Keshor mutters, hoisting his weapon. "He's making friends across the station, tricking fools into believing his lies. He's been trying to win over the FMU. I have contacts there, though - they've never fallen for it. Well... until today, it seems. Now they're dealing with him, instead of with me."
  Buck finally understands why it felt like the place was brewing for a civil war, back when he was getting his beer and chips. It's because it is.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

FSM, I'm not even sure if Adopan will even be able to walk. Well, uh, at least she doesn't look in the mood to resist being rescued. Or if she is, she doesn't look like she'd have the ability to.

...I hate this station.

((pretend the following is posted after dino and fawkes' posts XD))

Of course, Kinorvan looks real eager to get the bot...and surprisingly eager to give up a high-value prisoner. I wonder what he's up to...and it's a good idea to make sure we're not getting ripped off. Gotta try and make it less obvious that I'm trying to figure out whether this really is Adopan or not, though...

I give Kinorvan a skeptical look. "She's already beaten half to death. Can she even speak?"

I look at the girl and call out to her. "Adopan? Kaquyu Adopan?"
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

I immediately start moving back along the corridor, waving at Marina to follow. It's much too close to risk an engagement.
If I find a place I could plausibly let the guard pass by me while remaining undetected, I hide in it until he does, and then continue following at a fysar-safe distance.
When the corridor turns, or if I am sighted, I move to engage, firing on the guard up to three times with my plasma pistol to kill as quickly and quietly as possible.
I then loot the corpse.

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

This guy really looks very eager to get this bot...
I interrupt Caleb by giving him a small sideways nudge, and mumble with a strong accent (so the non-native alien speakers may not entirely understand me if they can hear ) "haven't we right ta check it's the right lass first?"
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Talvieno wrote:
Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:23 pm
"And now he's building an army," Feb Keshor mutters, hoisting his weapon. "He's making friends across the station, tricking fools into believing his lies. He's been trying to win over the FMU. I have contacts there, though - they've never fallen for it. Well... until today, it seems. Now they're dealing with him, instead of with me."
"Must've gotten his hands on somethin' the FMU wants, too. Or you did somethin' to piss them off?"

Shrugs shoulders

"Ain't judgin', they seem like a right sleazy, backstabbin' bunch."

Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Samuel's fists tighten as they lead the prisoner in. He keeps himself from jumping up though.
His face crunches up in disdain and respulsion at the treatment they have given her...hopefully Kinorvan took that face differently...
Dinosawer wrote:
Sun Sep 22, 2019 2:38 am
I interrupt Caleb by giving him a small sideways nudge, and mumble with a strong accent (so the non-native alien speakers may not entirely understand me if they can hear ) "haven't we right ta check it's the right lass first?"
I wouldn't put it past this guy to try and give us the wrong person...and also that he's going to backstab us anyway...What could he do...? Can he lock out other accepted operators? I'm not sure if Hosef'Wa explained that part.
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

Turn to Feb.

"I have a number of questions about the situation we're about to march into.
Firstly, what sort of resistance should we expect from Kinorvan's group?

Secondly, what action do you expect on our part, Feb Keshor?
My team is highly skilled. If you'd rather us leave Kinorvan and his men alive, we'll do our best to ensure their survival.
I cannot guarantee that they won't require medical attention after we're through with them however.
If his men will swear loyalty to you after Kinorvan is dead, we can instead focus our fire on him!
He'll be dead before he can open his mouth!"
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

  Oh shit. The thought is shared between both women as they retreat back along the corridor as quickly and quietly as they dare. They're way too close to that central chamber to risk an engagement. They soon come to a place where a dark, unlit hallway shoots off to the side, and duck into it - just before the guard rounds the bend.
  Before long, the guard reaches them - and passes by, with not even a cursory glance into the darkness.
  Vynkor and Sukava move to follow the guard - quietly and cautiously, making sure they aren't heard.

  Less than a minute later, yet another guard lies dead at their feet - this one killed by plasma fire and being knifed in the throat. Vynkor and Sukava did their usual "no kill like overkill" act, and there's... well, a pretty sizable mess to clean up. But they aren't planning on doing any cleaning - just looting.
  This guy is wearing some pretty generic fysarian light armor - even lighter weight than the hiltorel gear, but thankfully with only one place for arms. He's wearing pants, too, which is something. Vynkor takes these before Marina has the opportunity, and puts them on. They're too short and tight, but she can at least get them on. Apart from that, he's carrying a plasma rifle and a semiauto pistol - and another knife. A commbox, a flashlight, and another set of keys. But that seems to be about it.

  At that moment, the two inmates hear a single gunshot ring out behind them. What could have happened?


  "Must've gotten his hands on somethin' the FMU wants," Buck surmises. "Or did you do somethin' to piss 'em off? Ain't judgin', they seem like a right sleazy, backstabbin' bunch."
  "I didn't do a thing to piss the FMU off," Febivo mutters. He seems preoccupied his radio. The group continues down the hallway at a jog. "Most likely Kinorvan managed to call in a few favors."
  Brom thinks on this, trying to size up how dangerous this encounter might be. "What sort of resistance should we expect from Kinorvan's group? And what action do you expect on our part, Feb Keshor? My team is highly skilled. If you'd rather us leave Kinorvan and his men alive, we'll do our best to ensure their survival."
  Feb nods distractedly as they take a corner to their left. "Kinorvan's the only one I want. He's kap'shik. If I can make that obvious to his followers, we don't need to fukc them up. They're good boys, mostly, just misguided. They know how to get things done."
  "If his men will; swear loyalty to you after Kinorvan is dead, we can instead focus fire on him!" Brom offers. "He'll be dead before he can open his mouth!"
  "No." The tone is firm. "You hang back until I need you. Now, shh... we're coming up on them now."
  The group hears talking in the distance - both in fysarian chatter and human speech. The words are indistinct, but as the little group creeps through the long, narrow hallway, they get close enough to make out a familiar voice - one with a horrible Irish accent.
  Buck and Brom glance at each other, their expressions sinking into a mixture of bewilderment and despair as they share the same thought: "Oh no... It's Beta."


  The fysar using the VR deck seems to be oblivious to everything going on around him. He laughs and ducks to the side, acting like he's catching something, and then throws the invisible object away from him. He's undoubtedly the happiest person in the room.

  Beta looks over their new prisoner with a sense of uneasiness (and in Frank's case, anger). It's not clear whether she'll even be able to walk, let alone escape with them. On the plus side, at least it doesn't look like she's in the mood to resist rescue.
  Caleb clears his throat. "Well, I suppose we need to set up the spiderbot and -" Saoirse cuts his words short by nudging him sharply in the side. "Estelle?"
  Saoirse gives him a very meaningful glance (that could honestly mean pretty much anything). In the strongest accent she can muster, she says, "Haven't we right ta check it's the right lass?" The accent is a success: there's no way in hell that any of the non-native speakers around could possibly make out what she just said.
  Frank clears his throat loudly. When Caleb glances in his direction, Frank glances briefly at the bot, then back at Caleb and gives a small, subtle shake of his head. Caleb understands: Kinorvan could easily have given them the wrong person, and it probably isn't a good idea to hand over the bot until they're absolutely sure.
  Caleb looks back at the girl. "She's already beaten half to death. Can she even speak?" Louder, "Adopan? Kaquyu Adopan?"
  The girl slowly turns her head in the soldier's direction with a sullen expression on her face, but says nothing.

  At that moment, another fysar storms into the room, holding a huge, bulky pistol. And he seems quite angry. "THE FUKC IS THIS SHIT?" he roars, stomping through the northern doorway. Another group of fysar and squid enter through the doorway on the west side of the room, weapons ready. The situation suddenly becomes a lot more tense. Kinorvan raises his weapon toward the newcomer; the newcomer does the same at Kinorvan. "The FUKC do you think you're doing, Kinorvan?" he roars. "You think you're handling FMU business too now, is that it?"
  Kinorvan seems angry and defiant. "It's going along perfectly well, too, Keshor." He glances pointedly at Caleb and nods towards the spiderbot, as if saying, "Set it up already." But to Keshor, he says, "We knew they were coming. You're interrupting an important trade deal."
  The two gangsters step back from each other, circling cautiously. Around the room, guns bristle, pointing every which way.
  "Trade deal? The fukc I am," Keshor spits out. He looks like he wants to rip somebody in half. "FMU isn't supposed to trade her, they were supposed to pick her up! No gifts, no bullshit - And who the fukc is this?" He levels his pistol straight at Caleb's face, finger on the trigger. "Kinorvan, where the fukc's Beckstein? And why the fukc do these mercs still have weapons on them?" Clearly, he's not fooled: he knows that Beta took some of their weapons along with them.
  "I..." Ses speaks up, visibly trembling. "I... I let them through, at... at Kinorvan's orders."
  "Oh. Oh, that's good," Keshor says with an exaggerated nod. His voice drips with sarcasm. "I'm glad we have reliable people here that know how to fukcing follow protocol." In one swift motion he turns his pistol towards the bhezian and fires with a thundering flash of yellow light. Ses crumples to the floor in a lifeless heap, his brains spattered over the crates behind him. "Can't even find good fukcing guards these days." His aim returns to Kinorvan, and the two glare at each other.

Spoiler:      SHOW

((To be entirely clear: events are still ongoing. I'm giving you guys a chance to do some actions/say some things in the middle of it all. Combat is not about to start.))
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Re: REKT: BTE Mission 2: Fuhodo Station

I. Fukcing. Hate. This. Pasta-be-damned. Station.

Is it physically possible for anything at all to go right within Nanyej orbit?! We were so close!

Oh, right. The one thing to go right is that yes, that is indeed Kaquyu Adopan sitting naked on the floor in the middle of what soon may well be the most wild, drug-addled crossfire I've ever seen.

Of course, the question now is what the actual fukc is going on! Is Kinorvan the leader? Has he been tricking us? Sure seems that way. And this new guy, who certainly seems like he knows what's going on, also appears to know we're not FMU. I feel, once again, the prospects of a successful mission going down in flames with all hands.

With luck, we'll survive this. With more luck, Adopan might even survive.

...or maybe we could still salvage this after all. If we can smooth-talk this Keshor guy, maybe we can get out of here with Adopan.

In the service of this, I allow my surprise to visibly surface. Hopefully we can bluff our way out of this. "Who are you? What the fukc is going on?! We're who the FMU sent to get Adopan after Beckstein got killed the other day, and we're supposed to be meeting the leader of Minas Maniri!" At this, I shoot a glare at Kinorvan.

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