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Re: Surviving Indie Development

Interesting Blog post

Here some parts where he noticed he was idling unproductively to increase productivity:
Instead of writing new code or playtesting the game I found myself spending more and more time refactoring code. If you’re not a programmer this basically amounts to moving chairs around – something everyone should probably consider at least a little bit but certainly not spend, you know, months on. But I did. I spent months doing this.
During this time I started to take on new hobby projects, like building my own custom CSS dark theme for the internet. I would make myself more productive by improving the environment around me. I’ve never liked staring at bright white screens, especially when you’re looking at a computer screen all night, every night, so I resolved to fix this by redesigning the look of the internet to suit my needs.

Eventually even this was unsuitable. The CSS editor itself was too primitive. I dug into the code which made up the editor itself, and redesigned it from a plain text black-and-white side panel to a semi-transparent mouseover window with full syntax highlighting. After a couple months of work on the CSS editor now nothing was going to stop me.

Re: Surviving Indie Development

My phone is fully locked down with Twilight and the oneplus night mode. I have no problem reading stuff with a light background in my bed at night and sleeping right after. I have more trouble reading pages/Apps with a dark background. For example I can't really read websites like ArsTechnica in bed without bumping up the brightness from the lowest setting.

On my PC on the other hand, I mostly use dark mode. I have no problem with reading pages using dark background, but it's mostly due to the higher brightness of my monitors. Still, I am using flux with the 2800k setting at night.
Laptop, I use light modes again, due to lower brightness settings of the display.

In the end, it would be great if I could just toggle dark mode everywhere ;)

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