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Deep Rock Galactic


To summarize, it's a wild mishmash of Warhammer 40K, Dwarf Fortress, and a little bit of REKT. The game throws you into a wholly hostile alien cavern system and tasks you with retrieving valuable artifacts and minerals - while trying not to get killed by the nasty denizens of the caves (this happens frequently). It's uproariously great fun for a group, and the voice acting (and lines) are typically hilarious.

Yesterday, I went on a few missions with Lycurgus, TotallyNotHuman, and Silverware. We died more often than we extracted safely, but it was still awesome! We also got drunk (as dwarves are known to do) in the spaceport's bar:
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Would heartily recommend this game, if you have three or four people to play with. :) It's still in early access, though, so they're still making frequent changes and additions.
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