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Between the Stars

Another Kickstarter? By Jove! :twisted:

Anyhoo. This beastie is a space shooter/RPG/FTL/roguelike/thingy, quite like Everspace, but with slightly less good graphics and squiffy voice acting. That said, I enjoyed playing through the demo and the last past of it was so monumentally badass that I backed it on the spot.

Instead of Everspace's small fighter style ships, however, the ones in Between the Stars are quite a bit larger, and you have various sections which are operated by various NPC crewmembers, leading to various events like in FTL, where sometimes the character skills are enough to solve a problem.... And sometimes aren't. You can research items on your travels, build bits and bobs for your ship and find items on your travels. The star sytems that you are pillaging exploring are procedurally generated, and the space stations and backgrounds look suitably impressive.

Give the demo a go and see what you think :squirrel:

Kickstarter here

Steam linkee!

Re: Between the Stars

so, played through the demo and the way its structured suggests to me that it wont have a "hurry up" timer mechanic, would feel very wrong the way the quests are structured.

or they are crappy at designing games and there will be a timer with the same quest structure.

im going to keep an eye on it but wont throw money at the KS unless it seems like it'd fail and my contribution would make a difference

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