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Wow -- how did I miss seeing this?

Monomyth is a game in development by a lone developer that aims to recreate the feel of Ultima Underworld and Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah: Might & Magic. It was in the Steam Greenlight program until Valve eighty-sixed that program, but development is proceeding.


Seriously, read this interview with the developer and tell me this project doesn't sound 1) excellent and 2) like it might actually be completed despite being the product of one person (and that is NOT a dig at Josh).

I see only two downsides (other than the "one developer" risk). One is that, while Monomyth will feature environmental murder as in Dark Messiah, it won't have DM's kicking feature. (OMG that just never, ever gets old).

The other -- and here we tiptoe into the realm of personal taste -- is that the developer thinks combat needs to be brutal. Sigh.
Technically you can flail the sword over and over, however you will have to control yourself with that, since every attack costs stamina. And once you can’t bring up enough stamina the attack’s power is lowered accordingly. So if you have 0 stamina, your attacks will be (almost) useless. You generally want to avoid low stamina for four major reasons:
1) Dodging is no longer possible.
2) Enemies won’t go into pain states anymore (e.g. stumble back or similar). That means they can pretty much steamroll you without much resistence, because…
3) If you parry or block your stamina decreases. If the value goes to 0 (from blocking/parrying an attack) your defense breaks and you are stunned for roughly a second.
4) If you attack a parrying/blocking enemy while having low stamina the same happens.
So you will have to pay close attention to your stamina or combat will become very punishing. This is especially true when there is more than one enemy.
Ugh. To me that sounds like a recipe for frustration. Regardless of how awesome everything else may be, if this game implements that kind of abusive combat and doesn't allow me to save/reload at will, it's a no-sale for me.

However, at this time I choose to be optimistic. My gosh, everything else sounds amazing and I want this developer to succeed.

Once you've read the linked interview, I'd be interested in hearing what you think (regardless of whether or not you share my quirky gaming preferences).

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