Hymn to the Wanders

Sol, our creator and sustainer. Jupiter, our father and protector. Saturn our mother who danced with Jupiter to give us water. Theia, in whose sacrifice was born Luna, our sister, light of the night and keeper of the cycles. Beautiful Venus, and humble Mars, our kin who died young and whose burning and barren remains still beckon us and whisper to us how lucky we are. They do not need nor seek worship, for their dance began long before we awoke and will continue long after we are gone, but to whom we owe thanks for our rare fortune of being born in Eden. Alone to witness and understand, alone to love and to grow, to flourish and to flounder. May we honor them by bringing them the gift of life, the gift of eyes to witness and understand their accomplishments, to become home to their children's children's children. May these holy wanderers gain from the children of Eden a life beyond life, and a love beyond love, may they be the cradle of those who will settle the stars and bring their gift to all the sky. Amen.
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