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The Last Night

Do you like Cyberpunk? Dystopian worlds? Pixel art?

It's a theme we all know quite well. Sci-fi and pixel art seem to go together like bread and butter. There have been plenty of pixel art sci-fi games out there: VA-11 Hall-A, Caves of Qud, VVVVVV, Axiom Verge, and Into the Breach name just a few that come to mind. Cyberpunk is also a very common theme: dystopian world, struggling to make sense of a post-modern society in a disintegrating environment. "Pixel art cyberpunk" isn't that eye-catching - it's nothing "new".

So, how about dystopian pixel art cyberpunk in true 3D with high-res lighting and shaders?

For people that like immersive stories with a great sense of atmosphere, it seems to be well worth keeping an eye on. The steam page is here. No release date that I can find, but it's been in development for a couple years at least.

edit: Release date seems to be sometime this year.
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