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Terraforming Mars

I generally don't care for computer games that use a "cards" metaphor. (Unless that's the whole game, as with Gwent... and even that, I only want to play against the computer.)

But when you're adapting a tabletop game, you probably have to keep the cards thing.

So it is for the upcoming Terraforming Mars. This PC gamer story does a nice job of explaining the transition (and improvements) from tabletop to computer. I'd have liked to know more about the actual strategy aspect and victory conditions, but this was still a sufficiently intriguing first look that I thought I'd mention it here for other space game fans.

Re: Terraforming Mars

I've played a good bit of the board game. It's a well crafted game, with victory conditions that follow logically from the fiction. Each player represents a corporation or governmental faction with a vested interest in being most responsible for terraforming mars, and reaping the benefits from being able to lay that claim. The game tracks the temperature, oxygen, and water levels of the planet, and when they reach a certain level, the game ends and you are scored on temperature increases, oxygen increases, water level increases, infrastructure built, forests planted, and plant, animal and microbe diversity introduced, and a few other things.

Picking a strategy and going hard for it early seems to be key.

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