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UnReal World

I've recently been playing this Finnish survival rpg that takes snow and ice modelling pretty seriously.
Just achieved my first death on a polar bear dip on the morning of my character's second day in the wild.
Deadmeat was a tiny and generally inexperienced yet fairly athletic escaping slave having exactly 2 worldly possessions: a pair of fur boots.
My plan was to forage berries and develop my herb-lore skills on route to (hopefully) friendly villages as I traveled south,
surviving the winter with a careful yet tirelessly nomadic lifestyle and using fallen-log fires for warmth as needed.
Needless to say, it was a tenuous gambit at best. :squirrel:
Memorial Page

Deadmeat of Seal-tribe
Drowned after fainting in freezing water.

She faced her end in winter season, during the beginning of Dead month, on
day 5 of the 11th week before midwinter point.

Small lake at Kakolaki "Daft summit" on no mans land near
north-western Sartola became the place of her death. There she drowned
after fainting in the freezing water.

She died at 16 winters old, having spent 2 days of adventurous life.
She journeyed a total distance of 20 kilometers.
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Re: UnReal World

Fascinating, in a sort of "pay us to repeatedly kill your character" sort of way. Maybe I need to play more of these to get past my strange obsession with "making progress" and "saving that progress."

But no, really, what is up with these Finns and their crazy permadeath survival sims? :D Are the winters truly that long and gloomy?

Also, +1 for the Hot Shots! reference.

Re: UnReal World

I haven't paid them yet. They pulled a bay12 and I'm taking advantage. :twisted:
Agreed that saving progress with character folder backups falls far short of the ideal, but it is an available way to play.

The animal AI is rumoured to be something special ..can't confirm, except that grouse seem appropriately skittish and squirrels are appropriately saucy.
They seem to be genuinely committed to the whole living world idea.
Flatfingers wrote:
Mon Feb 05, 2018 5:38 pm
Also, +1 for the Hot Shots! reference.
*accidental Hot Shots! reference -- just watched the trailer, really wanna see the whole show now! :squirrel:
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Re: UnReal World

Flatfingers wrote:
Mon Feb 05, 2018 9:08 pm
Wow. That's... quite some feature list.

And it's been running in some form since 1992? Respect.

(Enjoy Hot Shots!. :D )
Yeah, UnReal World is a very ancient "RogueLike" VERY feature rich, very deep, rather steep learning curve.
Worth it if you like that sort of thing.

Re: UnReal World

My Deadmeat mk II character, DottKott, has made much better headway.

By the end of the second week of her adventures (mainly consisting of marathon hiking along the north shore of a river system in Sartola), I had thought surely a Don't Starve-ish end of
bleak freezing-starvation was imminent. After a very scary fording of the partially frozen river got me safely to the south shore, her trek back east was soon bogged down when her berries & fungus
diet led to a drop from malnourished to full-on starvation, prompting me to take the time to craft up a javelin for a desperate spear fishing bid for a nutritional reprieve. Astonishingly, it worked first.
DottKott caught a pike, and that seemed to completely turn things around. But then came the bad weather: lots of snow and a bitter chill. Subsequent fishing attempts were unfruitful. Was this the end?

Nope! I decided that hunkering down and continuing to roll the dice with the crappy javelin was an untenable position, and pushed east.
Found some cloudberries and scarfed them down, and, to my surprise, they were enough to pull up her nutrition out of the red.
Then came the big break: a dead elk on the frozen river! It had been nommed on a bit, but 50 lbs of meat all but dropped into my lap!
Hopefully this isn't a mixed bag package deal of free food + hungry predator fight.
No predator showdown. :thumbup:
Just profits and continued good fortune as I stopped for a day in a village, did a little pick up sticks quest, and traded in most of the roasted elk cuts for enough preserved meat to keep my gas tank in the green for several weeks.

Can't help but compare this to DF adventure mode and Don't Starve.
Falls short of bay12's obsession with minutiae in many respects (not ice though!) but invokes a similar feel of world hugeness, depth of simulation, and the turn-based meticulous micromanagement of high stakes encounters.
As in Don't Starve, winter and stomach are formidable foes. No sanity mechanic, thankfully.
In contrast to these, it handles night in an admirably realistic fashion -- it's just really dark (but not opaque), and the terrors of night are entirely natural ones, enhanced by an acute sense of impaired situational awareness.
And the hunger system is exquisite. I wonder if it's even better than that of The Long Dark?
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