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GTA 5's Dumb A.I. vs limit theory's A.I.

I've been watching videos of some mod for GTA 5's PC port single player called LSPDFR (los santos police department first response) if some of you have watched enough gameplay of the mod or gta 5 in general or have played the game at least 1 day yourself you should know how absolutely horrible the AI is in gta 5.
will the AI be like AI in gta 5? (would make me ashamed to know the people who made gta 5's AI) or will the AI in limit theory be human-like? (smart enough and developed enough to make the game fun and make you feel as if you were playing against a real person)

Re: GTA 5's Dumb A.I. vs limit theory's A.I.

GTA V, and many other games like it, have intentionally dumb AI because intelligent AI doesn't match the theme of the gameplay: you are smarter, faster and stronger than everyone else. GTA V would be very frustrating - and not in a good way - with intelligent AI. In many places, it would be absolutely unplayable (see: player vs 50 enemies at once). Thus, games like this have flaws intentionally built into their AI systems. The player may learn to exploit some of these. Others, the player may not even consciously know exist.

LT is designed around a different theme: the player is equal to everyone else in the universe. Thus, realistically-acting AI is important. You shouldn't have to worry about GTA-level AI in Limit Theory. :)
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Re: GTA 5's Dumb A.I. vs limit theory's A.I.

The GTA5 AI has only two purposes:
-simulate a large variety of people doing their daily routine or driving in traffic
-NPCs engaging in combat, wich means mostly to follow the player, and position them self to shoot at the player (and maybe do some melee).

Its a very short lived AI "life". Created to entertain the player in the open world.
NO Ai is doing any long term planning or strategy (anyone doing that is just a scripted NPC), because its not needed for the gameworld.
And what is a "smart" AI in this situation? That would be just one that has a much better aim and positioning.
That would not improve the gameplay, but rather make is just frustrating.
Having the AI taking sub-optimal positions, reactions and abilities is what makes them fun to counter...


As for LT: its kind of hard to compare it to GTA5, until we can actually see it in action, and not just a lot of concepts..

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