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Re: REKT: The Conference Room

I turn back to my PDA and start jotting notes, talking out loud while doing so.
"Alright, so 8 out of 10 people seem to agree with this here...
A batch of cheap food for 35 hi-plat, a batch of good food for 45;
Then, fix warp power with flawed Veloxium for 44;
fix the revitatech and main weapons with Standard Construction Materials for each, two times 74;
Get some basic sensors working with cheap construction materials for 33;
Which leaves us with 9 hi-plat and an urgent need to find something that pays us.

Not entirely unanimous, but given that it doesn't actually matter what we think, good enough for you, SCAMPS?"
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Re: REKT: The Conference Room


*Listening to Saoirse's explanation regarding power*

"If it won't produce an even worse shortage, I'm fine with it..."

I still think that rebuilding the main-guns first is a bad move when the ship is in a horrible shape already...but there's enough gun-nuts in this room that a contrary opinion would lead to just more eternal discussions...
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.

Re: REKT: The Conference Room

((Update time - last one! And then it's back to the Nemesis thread.))
Repeating what you seem to have: Engines repaired to warp 3 capability, revitatech fixed, primary weapon repairs, and sensor repairs. Purchases of flawed veloxium, two batches of standard construction material, cheap construction material, and a month each of good and cheap food. That's 305 hi-plat total. No objections?

There's a pause, during which time nobody objects. ((No one has complained about the setup for two days now.))

The pause lengthens as SCAMPS seems to ponder the results.

Well... saying it's unexpected would be a massive understatement, but... Hmm, but chances of that are less than a thousandth of a percent... Maybe there was something to what Captain Maluk was thinking after all?

...Nah, that's ridiculous.

Congratulations for picking the winning numbers in the data set, but let me be perfectly clear: You did not choose what we work on over the next month. While your decisions in this experiment happen to line up with those of our senior staff, they already planned this out well before we ever left Nanyej. After we dock at Fuhodo it'll still be a good month or two until we're able to finish fixing everything on the list anyway, so don't expect the docs to be able to patch you up if you get yourself killed in the meantime.

This debriefing is finally adjourned. I'm bringing the REKT vets in here next, so get out. Try to stay out of trouble until we make it to Fuhodo Station - I'll have another task for you then. Dismissed.
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