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Re: The State of HDR for Games

Cornflakes_91 wrote:
Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:28 pm
..., because the last time i checked was g-sync a 100buck premium
<nods> I'm soon to upgrade my ancient 19" iiyama, and G-Sync is very tempting (I have an nVidia card).
Currently, the Asus ROG Swift PG248Q is looking like the favourite for my needs - nice specs.
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Re: The State of HDR for Games

And its a 1920px screen for the price listed for my otherwise equivalent 28" 4K screen.
For a feature for which there is a standardised option already in pmuch all new screens (freesync has been part of the displayport standard for years now).
Which is also far from essential but as far as i see only a "nice to have".

Instead of throwing down money for a feature which is only a propeitary version of something that is a publically accessible standard (yes, i know gsync came first) you could write nvidia an email refusing to do so and asking them to stop being golden cage building monopolists :shrug:

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