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Re: Ship model concepts

Hmm...I didn't intend returning to the subject of ship design but I'm passionate about this subject and have been from the earliest days of Limit Theory.

While I've seen some not so impressively designed spaceships produced by human artists I've also seen truly beautiful and inspiring designs which have featured in television and movie productions as well as space games. I was never really impressed by what was on offer in Microsoft Freelancer but the ship design concepts did convey the sense of the difference between the various protagonists. I still hope that LT can improve on that aspect of my favourite space game.

I've invested quite a lot of capital in acquiring some gorgeous, heavily detailed, ships in the Star Citizen game some of them actually designed by my favourite spaceship artist. While I'm aware that such detail will not be available in LT I'm still to witness ships that have been procedurally designed which warrant anything more than feelings of the design being adequate, or observations that it's slightly better looking than a Lego brick. Ship design has gone a long way in selling the CIG game(s) to millions of backers and I still consider it to be important in LT.

Perhaps Josh has been working on a super secret algorithm which will provide some sort of procedural wow factor for the ships of his game. I hope so because I've seen a fair bit of what I liked in Freelancer consigned to the cutting room floor and if we end up with variations of the flying brick for the ships it isn't going to be the Freelancer 2 I was hoping for. :angel:

Re: Ship model concepts

Hmm, what level of model animation can we expect? Can we have full animatronic rigging? Make rotating modules and construction? The meshes can be complex but can they move in relation to each other? Can an organic ship pulse?
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Re: Ship model concepts

BFett wrote:
Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:12 am
Oh, that's very nice, and should be quite doable in LT.
Hey thanks, I'm not bothering trying to texture it until I see how LT ends up handling the mapping... probably a standard UV map? also doing the LODs for that thing scares me to think about lol.

EDIT: Also I fixed the image link.. it's been a long while... how does one forum again? :?

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