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Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

BFett wrote:
Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:02 am
Welcome back JanB1, It'll be good to see you posting again.

You better watch out IronDuke, Victor has resources that some of us could only imagine.
Yeah, feels good man. And I think with today I'm officially back. First Janardo in a long time. XD
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Flatfingers wrote: 23.01.2017: "Show me the smoldering corpse of Perfectionist Josh"

Re: The "I'm gonna be away..." thread

Forgot to mention:
away from today till saturday evening for company trip to Prague (we're visiting our Prague office for the annual company dinner this evening till saturday noon) and movie date on saturday evening after that with Femsawer
(Spiderman wooo!)

Also away next week friday /saturday and the saturday after that, as is often the case these days :ghost:
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