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Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons

(( My proposition is that we just blew up a nuke near their station, a nuke we did not place there directly, and I expect.they did not notice it falling through, or even saw the bomb - just an expotion out of nowhere. We may be able to fool them into thinking we have a weapon that can make explosions happen at range.

Best case - some of them evacuate and make our life easier

Best best case - we get to fight the thing they are summoning even sooner! ))

Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons

Triggerhappy wrote:
Hapchazzard wrote:
Triggerhappy wrote: Best best case - we get to fight the thing they are summoning even sooner!
((Hmmm... That actually gives me an idea. I'll edit my post, but I doubt my little deceit attempt will be successful, considering my 0 charisma))

((No problem at all, I am sure its worth a try.))
((I've typed it out. Now, the idea is that they let us into the summoning chamber BEFORE they summon the thing, since I sincerely doubt we'll be able to actually beat it))

Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons

Work to evade enemy fire the entire turn.
If the ruse works
- Head towards the main entrance and see what they have in store for us.
- If we are faced in combat, perform actions at (*)
- If Buck finds the hole the nuke went through
-- Scout it out.
-- Use that hole for all following actions ( unless for some reason I can't, then use the original holes we made )
- Else
-- Go back through the original hole and fly deep inside the station, evading fire.
-- Look for the summoning location ( with the help of Buck ).
(*) -- If I find the summoning location,
--- Land nearby
--- Get out and get to cover
--- If the thing has already summoned
---- Play some heavy music at it.
---- Lock on and fire on it with a lock-on missile.
---- If the thing is moving slow enough to hit it,
----- Fire on it with an anti-armor rocket too!
---- Fire on the nearest, most immediate threat with my assault rifle ( as many times as I can without going over my shot limit ).
--- Else Fire with my assault rifle ( close range ) or gauss rifle ( long range ) to kill cultists and disrupt the summoning in any way I see fit.
---- Fire appropriate rockets if I see fit ( no more than two rockets fired this turn ).
-- Else keep looking for it!
- Kill cultists!
- Never stop moving and evading.

Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons


WARNING for the weak-stomached/people that don't like horror: the gore here gets a bit intense/horrific - a lot more so than is typical for REKT, which I suppose is saying something.

You get on the radio, trying to contact the cultists.

"Now, that there explosion was just a fraction of what we here can do, fellas," you warn them. It's a bluff. You hope they don't figure it out. "We are the mighty Arkosha Three-o, a band o'warriors seekin' worthy opponents to fight. The heavens have led us here, to test yer great God-thing!"

You actually receive a response. A demonic voice replies, "Your wish shall be granted. You shall be sacrificed to His Eternal Majesty, the Indomitable Rệt'ḽaᾢt-Øn."

Feeling slightly unnerved, you continue, "No, no, fellas. See, while we could just blow your whole sticky ship up with our dreadnought hidin' behind that there asteroid, we'd prefer to honorably fight yer thing in fair one o' one battle! Surely if it's divine it'll have no trouble swattin' us like flies. Just let us come in to yer summonin' room or whatever ya people call it."

"We will suffer no further communications with the Unclean. Deliver yourself to Rệt'ḽaᾢt-Øn now, and your soul will get 5% off eternity in the plane of chaos." The comms fall silent.

It's kind of hard to tell, but you get the feeling that they didn't buy it.

It's time for Plan B. You fire up your hacking software and try to locate the station's computer mainframe, but... utterly fail to do so. In fact, you're fairly certain they don't even have a computer mainframe by the time you're done searching. There's simply nothing to connect to. Their turrets must be wired directly to generators and freewired AI targeting systems. That's horrible station design. What, were they drunk when they built it? ...this thought makes you envy them a little.

Gunning up what's left of your engines, you head down to the bottom of the station, where the nuke fell through. "I'm gonna head down and check out what happened to my nuke," you tell your companion. "You head inside, see what it looks like on the other side." He acknowledges the request and gets moving.

After some time, you arrive at the bottom of the station. The flesh of the hull seems to be pulsating somewhat, you notice - and this is getting stronger. The area where the nuke fell through has already sealed itself over... and a little more horrifying, is starting to form more fleshy growths about it. In fact, the entire hull seems to be sprouting projections, twisting themselves into sinews, dripping growths between the bands of flesh that seal over each other - some form bones, others form muscles -

- with an intense sensation of horror, you realize that the heart-shaped station is the heart of this enormous creature they're "summoning" - and you just sent your friend inside to his doom.

Buck does a fairly good job (in your opinion) of trying to convince the cultists that you're a couple of badasses that will stop at nothing to see them and whatever pathetic god they serve destroyed. The cultists, however, aren't having any of it. They don't seem to believe it at all. Well... that means it's time for Plan B. "I'm gonna head down and check out what happened to my nuke," Buck says over the comms. "You head inside, see what it looks like on the other side."

Seems like a solid plan. While you're in there, you figure you might stir shit up a bit. If the nuke is gone, you'll need to destroy the station some other way.

You fly back to the station and punch your way back through the original hole (which, you notice, was starting to heal itself). Inside... all the cultists are missing, and the turrets are strangely silent. In fact, the place is completely, eerily dark. The only light in the entrance chamber is a dull red light coming form the archway to the inner sanctum. Below you, the darkish pit that the nuke fell into seems to stretch to infinity. Even shining your light into it, you can hardly see a thing except a fine red mist.

Cautiously, you fly your ship down, down, and into the archway... directly into the inner sanctum. As you enter, droplets of blood sprinkle onto your cockpit canopy. When you look upwards to see where it originated, you're greeted with a horrific sight.

The ceiling is strung with hundreds - thousands - perhaps even tens of thousands - of naked human corpses, slit from throat to navel. Many are decapitated, and some corpses are only partials, hung up by a rope loosely strung about what's left of a limb. They dangle, swaying softly, their blood dripping from them onto the wet, viscera-coated floor. It rushes down intricately-carved channels in the ground, funneling rivers of blood toward the center of the chamber - a large platform with dozens of altars arranged in a pentacle.

You land your ship to one side, eject, and try to find cover - but there really isn't any cover to be had here. Instead you find yourself walking slowly toward the center of the sanctum, almost slipping on the slimy gore beneath your feet.

The cultists are at the height of their ritual. Half of them lie on the altars, the other half stands nearby; one by one they plunge their long, serrated knives into their comrades, gutting them; their blood trickles down the sides of the stone altars to the floor. Some, having finished their comrade's half of the ritual early, begin to gut themselves as well. Most of all, though, you find your attention drawn to the great, glowing ball of black demonic light, swirling half with blood in the center of the chamber. It grows ever larger as you watch, almost brushing the corpse-strung ceiling.

You eventually manage to draw your eyes from it for just long enough to pull out your Gauss rifle, sniping a couple of the cultists. It seems to have no real effect; their blood spills just the same, and the others continue their ritual as though nothing happened. This leaves you with only one option.

Putting away your gauss rifle, you bring your rocket launcher to bear, firing two rockets at the massive, swirling sphere. The first one misses, impacting on the ceiling with a bright explosion in the dark sanctum, flinging bloody body parts away from the blast; some of the gore even falls around the cultists - but again, with no effect. The second, however, manages to hit the sphere directly; it explodes with a fireball that's still somewhat dwarfed by the size of the cultists' handiwork, but manages to send the sphere wobbling into an ellipsoid shape that it only barely manages to recover from. Below, some of the cultists shout with fear and anger - some point toward you, but others urge them to continue the ritual.

Bits of gore and droplets of blood begin to float upwards from the floor, flying toward the massive sphere as if by gravity. The chanting of the cultists reaches a fevered pitch from those still alive.

It won't be long now.
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Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons

"Buck. Found them."
Mentally analyze the shit out of the situation to try and find a way to stop this.
If I figure out a weakness/get an idea to stop the ritual,
- Exploit said weakness/idea
- Lock and fire my last two missiles at the sphere.
- Charge/Jump/Leap at and punch out the nearest cultist.

(( ...Gotta keep remembering that I am not the suicidal Jimmy Triggerhappy and won't just self-destruct my CASKET :D ))
(( Buck? I am all out of great ideas besides shooting the sphere more, since that almost worked last time...))

Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons

Contemplates running away, but then says:"Ah, who gives a hoot, this probably ain't no real life anyway."

Go to Lemon's location
Quickly analyze where the orb appears to be drawing it's power from
if I find out what it's charging with, and it appears damageable with my MFM
-Fry it
else if I didn't manage to find out/it can't be damaged, but the orb is still there
-Fry the orb
else if the orb is no longer there
-Fry the most threatening enemy(if any)

As usual, use MFM max once

Re: BTE Tryout Thread: Buck & Lemons


You decide that looking for what happened to the nuke isn't going to do you any good at all, so you turn your CASKET around and get back to a decent distance, looking for the entry way. Before you, the massive hulk of a form shudders, rapidly expanding and growing. Its sinews flicker with white lightning; you see an arm coil out and expand from what becomes a shoulder.

It's several moments more before you spot the entrance; right on what has become the monstrosity's upper chest. In fact, the gaping chasm that the nuke fell down has become its lung. You gun your engines and fly to the breach at max throttle, slipping inside just before it closes behind you. The lights inside have dimmed; it's now pitch-black. Flicking on your headlamps, you proceed to the archway... through which you witness a horrifying sight.

The cultists stand upon a large platform with dozens of altars arranged in a pentagram, and are at the height of their ritual. Half of them lie on the altars, the other half stands nearby; one by one they plunge their long, serrated knives into their comrades, gutting them, spilling their blood. Some, having finished their comrade's half of the ritual, begin to gut themselves. Most of all, though, you find yourself mesmerized by the great, glowing ball of black demonic light, swirling half with blood in the center of the chamber. It grows ever larger as you watch, almost touching the ceiling. Bits of gore and droplets of blood stream upwards from the floor towards it.

Suddenly, with an explosion, a missile detonates opon its surface, throwing it out of alignment and giving it a lopsided, troubled spin. You follow the telltale trail of smoke the rocket left behind, and see Trigger, running through sticky streams of blood and gore as he readies a second missile.

Hurriedly, you look around, trying to figure out what's giving power to this monstrosity. And... the only thing you see are the cultists. They're almost all dead. You can't fry all of them at once, obviously, so you turn your attention to the orb. Putting the proper code into the computer, you fry the spinning orb with a tight microwave beam. The blood boils and bubbles; swaths of dried blood peel away from it and float away into space. It gets weaker, and looser - as though it's going to fall apart...

...and you notice something strange. The walls - they're bending, contracting and growing at a steady pace. Suddenly you realize it's been doing this for some time - but the change was so gradual you hardly noticed it.

All at once, parts of the wall turn invisible for a moment, then flex back into themselves; the floor flickers black like a void, then a blinding, vivid white.

The orb explodes; rivers - fountains - oceans of blood gush forth. You barely have time to remember you're inside what was once a human heart-shaped space station. The cultists have brought their creation into being.

But for what? Rivers of green static ooze their way along the corner of your vision. Everything flickers, sputters and dies.

You're conscious for a few brief moments before your mind darkens to the peaceful bliss of cryo.

"Buck. Found them," you say, looking up at the enormous globe of swirling blood above you. You look about, trying to come up with some way to stop the ritual. There's the cultists, for one, but their goal seems to be to kill themselves anyway... and the bodies on the ceiling obviously serve some kind of purpose. They seem to be disappearing on their own, though - as though drawn into the ceiling, or perhaps merging with it. Hitting the sphere seemed to do the most damage of anything you've tried, so you make up your mind to do it again.

The next missile streaks past the target without hitting. You tried to use one of your lock-on missiles, but couldn't get a firm lock: it doesn't seem to register as a potential target. You dumbfired instead; that seems to have gone badly - although you did manage to punch a sizable hole through the roof, this hole is quickly resealing itself. Strands of fibrous material stretch away from the gap, reaching out and groping for opposite ends. It looks alive, perhaps even semi-sentient... and now that you think about it, it probably is.

Buck arrives in his CASKET, just as you fire your last rocket. You aimed a lot more carefully for this one; you didn't want to miss. Fortunately... you didn't. It flies into the sphere and detonates right in the middle of it... but to little effect other than increasing the wobble. If you only had one more rocket... you feel that you could cause the whole thing to fall apart. Unfortunately, you don't. That was your last one.

You're left with no other option. Clenching your fists, you grit your teeth and walk across the bloody, gushy ground to an appropriate vantage point... and then break into a sprint toward the pit in the middle of the chamber. Your legs fly; you know this is practically a hopeless situation, but you plan to go down fighting. As you reach the lip of the slope, you leap - a mighty leap to make even the greatest of men tremble. Screaming a war cry, you fall - straight toward one of the cultists. He looks up at you; his eyes widen for a fraction of an instant; he begins to shout just as your fist, assisted by your fall, crashes into his face. His head hits the top of the altar at high velocity and cracks open like an overripe melon. The lights above you tremble.

You start looking around for another target, but at this point, you realize that the world around you has darkened. You no longer see the rest of the chamber. Even the altar has faded away at this point... you stand in a void of nothingness. Everything flickers, sputters and dies.

You're conscious for a few brief moments before your mind darkens to the peaceful bliss of cryo.

This tryout thread has come to an end. Its participants are once more in the darkness of cryo, pending their rude awakening in the crashed starship, Nemesis. Whether they remember these events is uncertain, and up to the players to decide.
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