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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Just wanted to give a bit of an update - I'm indeed making progress towards getting everything caught up. I've finished everything Patreon-related for all of September (2500 words to the wiki, two lore posts, one behind-the-scenes post) and I'm getting the 2500 words done for October now too. The other Patreon posts are mostly written out and won't take long to post up. In brief - it won't be long before the next REKT post will come out.

Patreon posts for September were about the AI War (the one that made humans stop using true AI tech) and the making of maps. October posts will be about galactic slavery and the state of Earth's ecosystem/what animals survived the Holocene Extinction. Haven't decided what the backstage post will be about just yet. I currently have 1500 wiki words down, and I think the rest will be about New Earth, seeing as I just finished the map of New Earth (which will be exclusive to Patreon backers for a month or two).
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