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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

because im an indecisive bum and want to change my char up a bit again.

Name: Yuuji Sajaki
Age: Its complicated, 30s
Gender: Male
Personal Information: Sajaki a spindly looking humanoid and heavily augmented. His whole body is covered in black artificial skin not quite shiny, not quite matte, kinda hard to focus on visually. Face is mostly featureless besides the eyes which seem to look out of whats looking like an ancient clichè ninja face mask. Unless he's talking or cracking one of his (mostly disturbing) face splitting grins his mouth is practically impossible to spot without scanning equipment.
Originating from one of the Rimworlds which got cut off from FTL capabilities and thus mainstream humanity. In the three hundred years of isolation the colony built a small empire of a couple of systems, linked by highly relativistic sublight ships. Yuuji spent most of his subjective life on such ships and about 150 years of "real" time while doing so. Time between stops was mostly spent in training sims and in the surgery being stuffed full with specops training and equipment to be used groundside by the highest bidder and for entertainment.
Personality: generally "weird" from never having been part of any culture but the relativistic crew one, which was mostly built around being on their own and filthy rich and heavily augmented compared to the system bound populations. And on exploring every corner of human (pop) culture that has ever existed.
Reason your character got REKT: Sajaki had been paid to sabotage a TARTARUS research facility, but something went wrong and he got discovered. During the hunt he slipped and got trapped in a cryocapsule. Turns out the research was cryotech. The guards found it so hilarious and convenient to have a free test subject that they froze him in "his" capsule. He got his current situation explained to him during a sim session. "Welcome to tartarus sucker"
  Energy: 1
  Durability: 0
  Maneuverability: 1
  Hacking: 0
  Computer: 0
  PSI Unit: -2
  Robotics: -1
  Engines: 0
  Charisma: -1
  Intuition: 1
  Handiwork: 0
  Conventional: 1
  Unconventional: 1
  Exotics: -2
  General Knowledge: -1
  Auxiliary: -2

  Plasma Bomb Launcher (0 creds)
  Electron Sword (0 creds)
  Electrolaser (2000 creds)
  Cargo Pod (1000 creds)
  Nanite-Sealed Suit (1000 creds) (in nice and stealthy black)
  Painkillers (1000 creds)

Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Major changes/additions to the rules prior to REKT's "fifth season"

Stats and skills
Some changes to make it easier to grant experience off-mission
  • Stat and skill points have been multipled by 100. Instead of getting 10 after a mission, you now get 1000.
  • Costs for stats and skills have been multiplied by 100 as well. Going from +0 to +1 on a stat or skill will now cost 500 points instead of 5.

  • All cred costs and end-of-mission rewards have been multiplied by 1000. This makes rewards be more varied, and lets me grant off-mission cred rewards.

  • Ranks are now purely cosmetic out-of-character. They give no bonuses to stats or skills of any kind.
  • Ranks have been multiplied by 666.6667; rather than each rank costing 1.5 points, they now cost 1000 promotion points each.

General knowledge
  • General knowledge is no longer useful to learn skills in-mission. I may occasionally roll it privately to gauge whether your character should know something, or use it to make your character look smarter than everybody else. This is the extent of its usefulness in-mission.
  • Rather than singular things, General Knowledge will now be useful for broader "ranges" of things. Rather than "Do I know this bit of trivia" it is now closer to "Do I know this subject"
  • One time during each pre-mission while in a campaign hub (such as Tartarus or Nemesis) after you level your skills/stats, you will be permitted to choose a number of things for you character to learn. The number of attempts you are allowed to make is dependent on your general knowledge:
    • -2 GK: 0 attempts
    • -1 GK: 3 attempts
    • +0 GK: 3 attempts
    • +1 GK: 3 attempts
    • +2 GK: 4 attempts
    • +3 GK: 5 attempts
    • +4 GK: 7 attempts
    • +5 GK: 9 attempts
    • +6 GK: 12 attempts
    After they decide on their attempts, they may submit them to me, in order of priority. I will add a range of -4 to +4 to each based on my personal intuition, and roll for them. I will arrange the dice rolls from order of highest to lowest, with highest roll matching the player's highest-priority-to-learn skill. I will then tell the player which ones succeed, and which ones fail. Success will be based on 1d6 + (penalty/bonus) + character GK, with a roll of 5 or greater equalling a success.
  • If a player succeeds with a GK roll, they can roleplay learning it however they wish, with the GM assisting - going to the library, talking to people, perhaps doing training with someone, etc.
  • Skills learned with GK are never forgotten.
  • A failed GK roll gives no penalties of any kind, unless the player chooses to apply them personally as roleplay.
  • Failed GK rolls may be repeated after two missions have passed.
  • If a player neglects to use their GK rolls, they do not carry between missions.

We now have a new list of drugs! All drugs will be half off for this first mission. Drugs purchased now will be permanently half-price and will sell for a greater price later if you so choose to resell.
  • All old battle-stims have been wiped and no longer exist. Players with battle-stims in their inventory will be refunded.
  • Drugs have a list of side effects, overdose effects, and withdrawal effects. Each effect has a chance-to-happen range based on percentile dice. A range of 40-60 means that I, as GM, can choose for that character any range from 40 to 60, and then roll for it.
    • Side effects are effects that take place while the drug is in effect. Side effects that roll successfully stop immediately after the drug wears off. These are usually mild and can usually be roleplayed with no significant penalties.
    • Overdose effects are effects that take place ONLY if the character overdoses by taking too many drugs in close succession. Overdosing with multiple drugs provides a chance for any of the effects to take place. Overdosing on the same type of drug provides a normal chance for all stats - the ones listed on the page. Overdosing on multiple types provides a 70% chance maximum - all chances are scaled by 0.7x. This means it is possible to not get the "100% chance" effects of a drug.
      • Overdose effects are typically the worst of the side effect/overdose/addiction trio.
      • Taking a single drug on a mission will NEVER produce overdose effects.
      • Taking two drug injections the same turn gives a 23% chance of overdose.
      • Spacing out two drugs over twenty turns gives only a 7% chance of overdose.
      • Taking three drug injections the same turn gives a 92% chance of overdose.
      • Taking three drugs, spaced out 10 turns each, gives a 13% chance of overdose after the second drug, and a 40% chance of addiction after the third drug.
    • Withdrawal effects may occur post-mission ONLY if the character has taken more than one drug during the past three missions, and only if they have taken at least one drug on the current mission. Addiction to drugs is quite possible and may occur regardless of whether a person has taken multiple of a single drug type or an array of types.
      • Addiction effects are typically mild compared to overdose effects, but typically worse than side effects.
      • Whether or not addiction occurs is only calculated post-mission.
      • Taking a single drug on each mission for three missions gives a 26% chance of addiction.
      • Taking four drugs on a mission gives an 84% chance of addiction.
      • When becoming addicted, a drug will be selected randomly from a weighted pool of squared chances. Example: Taking 1 drug of type A and 2 drugs of type B will provide a +1 weight for A and a +4 weight for B.
      • Withdrawal effects are noticeable immediately following the mission, and thus are active off-mission. The withdrawal timer for most drugs is 1 mission: the effects are active off-mission as well as on-mission.
      • Withdrawal effects may only be mitigated by taking another dose of the drug. This can happen on-mission or off-mission. Taking a dose resets the withdrawal timer and erases the effects until after the next mission ends, whereupon the effects will begin again.
All PvP rules have been removed and replaced with a simpler system that better benefits the group of players rather than single individuals.
  • All PvP actions specifically against another player must be added in a post. Edits are permitted. The point is, all actions must be in the open. If the other player does not read what you've written, then that is their own fault.
  • PvP posts/edits cannot be made on the last day prior to a soft-lock UNLESS they are meant to counteract a previous edit and do not specifically list another player. This is to give people time to notice and respond.
  • Any posts that break the above rule will be entirely ignored, even if it means you take no actions that turn. There are no exceptions.
  • Traditional PM-PvP will remain in the form of duels. These are agreed upon by all players involved. During a duel, all players will PM me actions in the same way as has been done previously.

New Items
As per usual, I will be introducing some new items prior to the fifth REKT mission. I'll include a list of them in the main thread later.

Character classes
While the wiki previously had "class by purpose" - "Support, combat, survival, recon" - I'm going to make some more "serious" character classes. I'd like to someday turn this into a legit tabletop RPG that can stand beside things like Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun. To that end, character classes are a must. This is because new players may not want to get directly into the meat of "how things work" - they would prefer things to be more intuitive. It's harder to learn all 16 stats and skills than it is to say "Oh, Soldier sounds nice! I'll pick that".
  • These additions will make no changes to your current characters.
  • Custom-creating a character will still be possible as always.
  • New players that wanted to could still 'tweak' their chosen class.
  • It makes it much easier for a newer GM to know what's in character for someone and what's not.
  • The classes are:
    • Soldier: The gun nut. Shoots things, fairly tough and thoroughly straightforward. An easy play - the easiest, in fact.
    • Gladiator: Be it specialized military or street gangs, the gladiator excels at melee combat. Quite agile, too.
    • Combat doc: A doctor that specializes in infantry play. Decent on foot, heals folks. The "normal" REKT doctor.
    • Drifter: Mercs, outlanders, hermits. Plenty of survival skills and uses most normal weapons. Terrible socializer.
    • Sapper: Engineer or doctor that really wants to build. Good at using ships, but quite fragile. A support character.
    • Pilot: They fly big ships with big guns. Good at using robotics, aux, and good at adaptation. Can go many directions.
    • PSI Adept: Your standard Exotics character. Good at PSI amps and weapons, may stat into melee later.
    • Scientist: Like the good Dr. Cha0zz, they specialize in field manipulators, robotics, and swords. Quite knowledgeable.
    • Infiltrator: Tougher play; stealth and speed, melee and lasers. Specializes in quick strikes and immediate escapes.
    • Strategist: An analytical, tactical mind. Wants to survive, and good at adaptation. Uses primarily guns, and quite intelligent.
    • Arbiter: Trickier build. Diplomatic PSI user. Peacemaker, strong support. Can become powerful if careful.
    • Hacker: Trickiest build. Requires more OOC knowledge, but is indispensable on a team. Opens doors that would rather stay closed.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

Also, FYI: you can do the fancy levelup here:

Select your character from the list
Click on 'leveling mode'
Change your stats
Copy the code that appears in the box below and paste it on the forum in the armory thread after adding your purchases
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

TheMainMethod didn't reply in the three-day span allotted, so we're moving to the next person in line: Trigger.

On an entirely different note, I've been making a lot of changes to the wiki as far as prices go. I'm going to list them all out soon, here, just to make sure everybody is up-to-date on it.
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Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

It's about time I joined in on this.

Name: Welkin
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Personal Information: Welkins life was spent moving between ships working various jobs, mostly very low level maintenance and cleaning. Despite all the ships he has served on and stations he has worked at his life is extremely uneventful. He was rejected from every technical position he ever trained or applied for possessing no apparent skills or technical ability. Welkin is a short portly man with a generally dazed appearance and glazed over look in his eyes.
Personality: Welkin has very little self esteem and tends to be very clumsy, despite this he tends to always have a smile on his face. He dreams of one day owning his own ship and forging his own way through the universe.
Reason your character got REKT: Welkin found himself working at yet another shipping station in the sanitation division, despite keeping to himself to avoid confrontations and any issues with others he did not go unnoticed. Unbeknownst to him there where others making plans that would change his life. His manager gave him the codes required to open a specific hangar bay for maintenance however this was simply a means for a gangs escape from the station with a new highly advanced prototype weapon. While the gang, manager included, were able to commandeer an escape vehicle Welkin was unaware of his role, and after an investigation he was found as a conspirator. Welkin was REKT.
  Energy: 1
  Durability: 2
  Maneuverability: 0
  Hacking: -2
  Computer: -1
  PSI Unit: -2
  Robotics: -1
  Engines: 0
  Charisma: 2
  Intuition: -2
  Handiwork: 1
  Conventional: 1
  Unconventional: -2
  Exotics: -2
  General Knowledge: -2
  Auxiliary: -2
  Sidecar Attachment (1000 creds)
  Weapon Mount (1000 creds)
  VISION Helm (1000 creds)
  Nanite-Sealed Suit (1000 creds)
  First Aid Kit (0 creds)
  Portal Can (1000 creds)
  Dropshield (0 creds)
  First Aid Kit (0 creds)
The only limit is the one you set.

Re: REKT: Beyond The Edge (Main Thread)

:D I'm glad you guys like it!

I took the past couple of days off from working on stuff, but I'm making the post today. Sorry for the delay! :? I honestly meant to get it done way before this, but this open-world segment is taking a lot more than I anticipated... which was what I anticipated, although not quite to this degree. :D
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