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Re: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cornflakes_91 wrote:Because i read "textures" somewhere in the update:
Are they generated at fixed resolutions or can they refine when the camera gets closer?
(Maybe even vector textures to get that question out of the way altogether? :monkey: )

Because i dont want my supercapitals to look mushy when i do trenchruns in my fighter :ghost: :monkey:
Didn't Josh have some fractalicious quasi-infinite texture magic?

Re: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Flatfingers wrote: ...
Good dose of pragmatism Flat, and you're right, I didn't give 110%...only to BoxMeshes :ghost: LuaJIT will continue to be pushed as I move forward this week with more gameplay going on in the demo. The shinies are nice -- perhaps more of a comfort to those who may have been scared by the atrocities that were the ships in the PAX demo -- but obviously not indicative of major gameplay progress. I must take care not to make the same old mistake of passing off shiny things as 'game.' If I'm tweaking shaders and there's been no talk of AI or gameplay mechanics in a month, you have my full permission to prod me with a sharp stick.
Cornflakes_91 wrote:Are they generated at fixed resolutions or can they refine when the camera gets closer?
0111narwhalz wrote:Didn't Josh have some fractalicious quasi-infinite texture magic?
Yes indeed. 'Fractal detail maps' they were called, and I did not port the shader code yet. But it's shader code, so understand that anything that was already finished and consisted mostly of shader code is very, very easy to bring over. Lack of FDMs is another part of the poor surface texturing in these shots. I'll port it soon, but again, my focus is not on things like shader details right now (you're proud of me, right Flat?? ...right!?!? :ghost: ).
Dinosawer wrote: :shifty:
is it me or are some things from old LT still missing?
Mostly bloom, lens rays, planetary atmospheres, dust and land that isn't white :think:
but still YAY PIKSHURS :ghost:
Yep, lens flares are missing (they will come naturally when I do the deferred lighting), as are slight planetary atmospheric 'halos' (the part of the atmosphere that extends beyond the planet mesh; the surface already has an atmosphere). That 'white' land is actually the rather-lacking cloud layer that I had disabled in the old LT and re-enabled for whatever reason when I ported the planet shader, so that's more a presence of something bad than an absence. Planets aren't given any real variation in the Lua code that builds them, hence their dullness, but all the old surface generators and shaders are in.

Bloom is in, including my magic 'bloom compositing' shader math. I did tone it down slightly, but it's definitely there (and the strength is one of the numerous config vars that can be easily changed via the web dashboard). I'm actually glad you didn't notice it...subtle bloom is good bloom :ghost:
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Re: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This is great to see!

Be careful Josh, we'll all start getting used this.

(Also, I'm really impressed at how beautiful the ships are. Part of me always worried they'd end up looking like something I made in kindergarten - toilet roll tubes stuck to cereal boxes - but nope, the ship photos look nothing like that.)

Re: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

JoshParnell wrote:If I gave you guys the LT core and the Lua code I've got right now, you'd be able to make a great space game with it (without having to hire an artist).
I ahh... don't think so.
PCG requires someone to be both artist and engineer or it will either be a fancy design that works 5% of the time or bland boxes that work 100% of the time. =P
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