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Oxygen Not Included

#1 ... d-trailer/

Klei is making a Dwarf Fortress-y thing? Why was I not informed of this earlier?! :shock: :squirrel:
TotalBiscuit wrote:You're building a working colony [..]
it's like trying to teach ..puppies how to successfully mine nuclear material without killing themselves [..]
Y'know, you are herding cats. It is a 'herding cat' game. And you are doing so on a hostile planet. It is a designed to be [..] a game where Losing is Fun;
you are expected to die horribly, everything is expected to eventually go horribly wrong.
And even if things do seem to be going well, you can pretty much guarantee that one the colonists is going to ruin it by getting a little bit too entitled.
What really got my attention was the level of simulation [..] temperature [..] contagions [..] oxygen and CO2 [..] pipe networks <--fluid and gas pressure?
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Oxygen Not Included


I, for one, welcome our new Losing is Fun overlords. :P

Looking at Oxygen Not Included, I'm envisioning:

*Klei looks at the dwarves and their annoying nobles.*
*Strokes its collective goatee.*
*Klei then looks at Starbound's asteroid colonies and at its automation mods.*
*More collective goatee stroking.*
*Klei glances once more toward the hapless dwarves, who are digging too deep and tantrum spiraling.*
*Above the collective goatee, a collective wicked grin slowly forms.*

24 minutes of pure gameplay, no commentary.

Klei stream (1 hour) -> (First crisis encountered: duplicants need to pee, no outhouse built yet. :lol: :clap: )

:squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel:

So want.
Aren't those duplicant animations adorable? :D
Sure, there are colony sims that go about this crazy into the details.
But how many of them also have such wonderful animation?
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

Re: Oxygen Not Included

When I compare to DF, I'm thinking primarily of a pair of high level similarities to fort mode:
  • dig to expand -- more digging, while ultimately necessary, will unlock new and increasing dangers
  • the dangers for a defensive player are largely internal -- dupes all behave like nobles in their ever increasing demands for luxury, and maintaining a sustainable oxygen supply for them is a difficult puzzle
There's also depth of simulation (gas, fluid, temperature, and metabolism dynamics) and lovably excessive attention to detail (albeit significantly more abstraction in terms of colonist anatomy and psychology).
"omg such tech many efficiency WOW" ~ Josh Parnell

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