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Re: Beautiful Game Screenshots

The original Crysis is still pretty. And still fun to play.

Except for the Prophet escort mission. But even that's pretty!

What's funny (?) is that in between playing Crysis a few times after its release, and then a playthrough last year, I've watched a lot of kdramas (Korean comedy-romance miniseries)...

...and now I can sometimes almost barely understand what the North Korean soldiers in Crysis are saying.


(I believe there's actually a setting that lets the DPRK soldiers speak English, but I've never used it.)

Anyway, here are a couple more screenshots from The Witcher 3, which is a ridiculously pretty game.
Image Image

Re: Beautiful Game Screenshots

IronDuke wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote: wtf is a neutron field?
An area of the galaxy containing a high number of neutron stars, or even black holes. It's like a gold mine for explorers, since the scan data for those things is quite valuable.

Exactly, when i took that screenshot i was in the middle of scanning 4000 neutron stars on my way back from the center of the galaxy (the screenshot just before that one). I managed to rank from aimless to elite on one trip... and 200M credits richer :D

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