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Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

Black--Snow wrote:For Miranda:
Ship Gear:
3 creds - Infantry Tier Weapons Craftkit
2 creds - Particle Gun

Me Gear:
0 creds - Blowtorch (Cause who doesn't want a mini flame thrower for free?)
0 creds - Assault Rifle (Gotta have something to improve, no?)
0 creds - Laser Pistol
cuisinart8 wrote:Getting more weapons because I derped on my loadout size:

0 creds: Laser Pistol
0 creds: Gauss Shotgun
0 creds: Electrorifle
and done
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Re: REKT ARMORY (for purchases + statting)

Infantry gear:
0 creds - Semiautomatic Pistol
0 creds - Plasma Rifle
0 creds - Dropshield

Ship gear:
2 creds - Mounted Laser
1 cred - Turret Upgrade for Mounted Laser
2 creds - SPEAR Tip Upgrade
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