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Re: Stardew Valley

IronDuke wrote:Anyone know if you can still use your 1.0 save with it? I worked kinda hard on that farm. :shifty: :ghost:

Old saves aren't broken, just tested it. :)

also, to quote the release notes:
Aside from the new farm maps, all the new content from 1.1 will be available in your existing save file.
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Re: Stardew Valley

I've started anew with Tilly of Billy Farm (standard layout), and the cat Terrence, with vague plans about coffee.
Playing hermit-style, I skipped the intro and (aside from farm business with Clint and Pierre) have spoken only once to one member of Pelican town: Alex, on the beach. He remarked on my tan.
I've sifted through garbage on a semi-regular basis; best results so far are an iron bar from Clint's and an octopus from the tavern.
I have nine maple tappers set up south of Marnie and Leah so far, achieved floor 55 in the mines, got the farm entirely cleared of trees and about a third tilled, and have a largish year one crop of wheat on the go at the end of summer. I love wheat as losses to crows and lightning are negligible from a profit perspective, and the super short growing period combines well with an extended growing season to make reliance on rain for watering comfortably viable. I just have to be careful when harvesting next to the ponds, since wheat sheaves, like sprinklers, don't come back from a swim.
Still at farming level zero, since scythe-harvested crops afaik don't give xp and I skipped any spring planting in favour of clearing land.

above I wrote:[...] make reliance on rain for watering comfortably viable. [...]
..and then I make an unfortunate gamble and lose well over half of my last crop after an end-of-season drought.
The 25th to the 27th were desperate, angry days of frantic watering efforts over thousands of tiles.
Not fun. Much stress. :thumbdown:

So now I'm fishing for newspaper, to make cloth, to make a mill,
to (hopefully, haven't looked up how it works yet) make the thousand-and-something wheat that I did manage to save more valuable, so I can offset some of sting of that failure.
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Re: Stardew Valley

I'm almost through my second winter with Crabby of Crayfish farm (Riverlands). This is as far as I've ever gotten in a save.
Interesting things about this farmer of mine:
  • I haven't done any farming, apart from 30 spring forage seeds in the first year, which had negligible effect on my progress.
  • I did only enough rod fishing to unlock bait, plus a little extra on one day when Jodi wanted a bass for dinner.
  • Apart from the three I got from the community center, I've bought all of my crab pots from Willy.
  • I now get over $36k per day from my crab pot harvest. Sashimi recipe ftw (thanks Linus! :D). This is from my farm, and takes until noon to complete with a single long click-and-hold.
  • My farm's catch of crayfish per day averages around 155.
  • I have the beach nearly filled, but I usually don't harvest those.
  • I have entered the mine exactly once, for Abigail. I have not descended the ladder.
  • Crab pots got me level 10 fishing by Spring 26, year 2.
  • I have 10 hearts with all but Sandy (8 hearts) and the Wizard (5 hearts), and the Dwarf and Krobus whom I haven't met yet.
  • 1 year after getting Emily's invitation for her 10 heart event in the mail and finding myself unable to make the rendezvous, the event procced and surprised me.
  • An amusing consequence of avoiding the mines: my first weapon, acquired mid-second-winter, is the Galaxy sword.
My goal is to get the Statue of Perfection with 0 farming and no visits to the mine (no wheat, kale or amaranth grown either).
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Re: Stardew Valley

IronDuke wrote:I think Det grows these things year round in the Greenhouse. :think:
I does, yes. :D

108 starfruit per harvest, two harvests per season, eight harvests per year. As soon as I have enough kegs, I am fermenting it all to iridium wine. This will never work, and I will end up with chests full of starfruit, but still. If it works, that is about 5,443,200G per year. :mrgreen:
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Re: Stardew Valley

Well, it's not watering. Only a single click-and-hold is needed to run a long lap of the farm, with the odd stop to hoe a digging spot or scythe down some grass.
The sfx are enjoyable, and the technical challenges of deft m&k movement to avoid getting caught on corners or missing crab pots provide a small sense of skill-based time efficiency.
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