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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Talvieno wrote:
Dinosawer wrote: RMBLR
Hmm... Yes, after some changes. I may make it use unconventional and energy, have a wider area of effect, and be able to potentially affect multiple targets in the same area. Increasing your energy increases the pulse size and power. Thoughts?
I'm not sure how much outlander will like that, but sure. :ghost:
You could give it a bit of flexibility (which fits unconv) by making the AOE a separate shot mode that's more effective against groups but needs a turn to cooldown or so?

Talvieno wrote: Dear god, Dino, why do you do this to me
Talvieno on IRC wrote:ooh, yay, I was going to ask for ideas for infantry exotic
Also, you accepted all but 2 so I guess they were okay :ghost:
Talvieno wrote:
Dinosawer wrote: Plasma lash
We already have a suggestion called plasma lash. Need a new name. Also completely unsure of what you're suggesting here.
Basically, a whip made of plasma. (no not the handle obviously) Needs PSI to make it not fly the wrong way and hit you but rather effective at hitting stuff, like the electron sword and plasma baton.
Longer range than the electron sword (a couple of meters I'd say) but you can't use it to make precise cuts and go through walls as it's floppy.
And yes, I stole outlander's name too :ghost: How about plasma whip?
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Hmm... I could make it free with the possibility that getting shot too much makes you violently explode. That sounds fun. :thumbup: Great idea, Cha0zz.
Ehm, I'm not sure about this, that seems a bit unbalanced when compared to reactive armor >.>
Actually, given the nature of this particular anomalous material, it would most certainly injure the owner by shooting crystalline spikes into their body.
Not sure if this is a "yes, but..." or "no" >.>
Congratulations, you have copied Hyperion's earlier idea. Bravo, well done, high fives all around. Because you guys like this idea so much, how about this: I make something new: a nanobot globule. You throw it, it ruptures and sticks. Nanobots cause serious pain to the enemy's body for two turns. They do not replicate. They merely cause pain. Come in packs of six for family fun size.
I did? oops :oops:
I may not be a chemist, but I know what cesium does, and will need some serious convincing before I include it in a ship design.
Ehm, What the weapon does was more important than what it's made from :V for my part you can change ceasium to potassium, carbon, gold, iron or whatever you want.
Layer scanner wrote:Ehhhhhhh. hmm. no. Sorry, definite no. This is tech that simply does not exist. Too OP anyway.
Tech does not exist?
MRI, PET, CT, Anger camera, X-ray, SPECT, echography, Electron tomography, Electrical resistivity tomography, Muon tomography, Atom probe tomography, Neutron tomography, Terahertz tomography, magnetic induction tomography and more.

All the above is tech that exist now and that allows you to see inside something. Most of the tech above even makes a layered 3D image in which you can pick individual cross-sections of what you want to observe. I'm also surprised that you use that as an argument to begin with, given that we have "blink teleporters" and "materials that follow different rules"

I also don't see how it is too op? I think you might've misunderstood what it can do. It's only a small cylindrical device, everything you scan needs to be in the inside of the cylinder. So it wouldn't let you look through walls, inside big chests or crates, it wouldn't function from large distances because what you scan needs to be placed inside it. It would only be useful for relative small objects.
YES. SO MUCH YES, THIS IS GENIUS. the whole travel time thing is annoying.
Lol thanks :P
no... even at 2 creds, no. also you didn't really recover much of the boarbear. at all. boarbear was tough. This would be like super heavy armor. 4 creds maybe. maybe 5. and then we have to research it first.
Fair enoughy, although I'd like to point out that my description wasn't for superheavy armor. It used the fur, not the chitin, it was basically just warm light armor with a disadvantage to cover for the warm part. And I thought it would be funny to picture people walking around in fur coats :V
Pheromone Spray wrote:This just seems kind of silly. :\
:cry: I thought it would be funny, and this would give people who focus on charisma something to use it with.
God dammit And I just thought of something new :V
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

YAY \o/

I'll be honest, I just like inventing these things. :ghost:

infantry, unconventional, two-handed
Kinetic Battlestaff
  Ammo: none
  Requirements: none
  Description: A 2 meter long metal rod, the two ends of which are implanted with the same tech we use in the Kinetic Gauntlet. If you hit something with this thing it really hurts. Its length and leverage gives it more power than the gauntlets, but you need both hands to use this thing. Good for parrying and extreme baseball.
Using this as walking stick might make the floor collapse.
I thought it was cool, mostly :ghost:

Edit: something vaguely like this, where the part in the middle is normal metal and the outer parts are kinetic stuff. Image
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Per IRC discussion:

Infantry, Unconventional(?), Thrown(?)
Plasma Pilum
Credits: 0
Ammo: 3
Requirements : ???
Description: Initally contained in an 25cm housing cylinder, upon activation, both ends telescope out, one becoming a plasma wrapped spear head, the other a counterweight. Battery inside last approximately (?), so aim before you turn it on.

Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

As discussed in IRC. Not really needed for now, but later on when expensive robotics are used:

Armored robotic arm armored arm armor for your arms-armed armored robotic arms
  Ammo: none
  Requirements: +0 robotics
  Description: Makes your robotic arms not fall off as soon as they're hit with a pebble.
  Price: 1 or 2 creds per arm? dunno
Mostly so we don't forget :ghost:
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Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Talvieno wrote:
Hema wrote:I had an idea for a new exotic weapon. Haven't worked out the costs or anything like that, but I have the basic idea.

The use of my "weapon" is a bit risky. The object itself would not be able to do any damage. Instead, the use of this object would slow down time for its user, allowing them to get more done on their turn. The risky part would be that it would occasionally speed up time, meaning you would get less done. Talvieno of course would be the one to decide whether it was rolls, chance or both that determined this.
How about:
Once every couple turns, I let you choose one thing to give a +1 to the roll of. Or - once every four turns, I let you choose one thing to give a +2 to the roll of.
That's fine with me, Tal. :)
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Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Active Homing Assault Grenade

Packs of 3, 1(???) Cred per pack.
This is an explosive slightly larger then a normal grenade.
Has thrusters, as well as a very small computer.
Throw it in the enemy direction, and it will calculate the optimal place to land, so as to damage as many people as possible. ( People include allies too, it has trouble distinguishing between friend and foe... )
Is actually quite fun in 0-g ; throw it at the general direction of the enemy, and it can pilot itself around corners at the opponent.
Not much thruster fuel.
Same strength as a normal grenade.

(( Perhaps a +1 bonus when using this grenade? ))

Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Gauss Cannon
Spoiler:      SHOW
Type: Heavy infantry conventional weapon. Requires two slots to equip.
Ammo: 5 round clip, first clip is free, extra clip costs ? credits
Requirements: Energy +2 and +2 conventional
Rolls: Conventional + Energy vs Maneuverability + Intuition
Price: ? creds
Description: With depleted Uranium tipped slugs, a calibrated sniper scope and a barrel thicker than my- actually nevermind that, this is the weapon you need when you want to show someone exactly what you think of them, by blowing a load right through their face. Like Cyanide to idiots, goats to research ships and pinwheels to squad 56, the Gauss Cannon is the perfect solution for your sorry ass. Use it, Love it, Worship it, and whatever you do you simple-minded piece of fecal matter, don't fire it inside your Casket. You're expendable, but think of the guy who'll have to pick pieces of you out of the air vents.
  • Very Big
  • Very Heavy
  • Very Deadly
  • Must be fired properly or recoil alone will turn your bones into a finely grinded paste
  • Not for Idiots, Pinwheel makers or goats.

Re: REKT: Armory Suggestions (R&D)

Tal, you said CERNIA was too cheap (I think that's what you meant) and suggested 8 credits for it.

My suggestion had a minimum of 8 credits, which gives you 5 SP or 13 credits for 10 SP. It could also be 2 credits per SP which would result in 5 SP = 13 creds, 10 SP = 23 creds, though that might be a tinsy bit overkill.
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