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Re: Stellaris

Talvieno wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:21 pm
I gave it a go. It's not as bad as it was 2.0. I don't dislike it like I did then, but it still doesn't grab me the same way it did pre-2.0. Pre-2.0 I would've had a problem with stopping in the middle of a game :P That's not the case anymore (although Silverware assures me that there are DLCs available that'll fix that. :lol: ). But it's not as bad as it was at the "launch" of 2.0, either.
The only time I play this game anymore is whenever there is a New Horizons update. Post 2.0, I never play vanilla.

Re: Stellaris

The two Fallen Empires have about 26000 victory points, and I'm creeping up behind them at 21000... but I assume some silly Crisis will be imposed before I can edge past them before 2500 arrives.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get one of these jerk empires to fight me so I can see what war's like. But I didn't know the rules and allowed them all to become Pathetic compared to me. Now it turns out the game won't let me do anything against them -- I can't declare war, I can't declare any of them a rival, insulting the strongest among them doesn't make them declare me a rival, and because of alliances I can't make any of them like me enough that I can persuade them to become a protectorate.

One funny moment was when one of my really high-quality scientists, whom I'd rescued, was about 125 years old and clearly about to die at any moment. Suddenly one of the Fallen Empires said, "Hey, give her to us." Welllllll, okey-doke! I came out of that with a nice (if temporary) boost to research. (Ethics? Apparently not a mechanically meaningful element of this game.)

So now I'm just building gateways as fast as my Alloys and Energy credits will let me, and waiting for what I gather is the inevitable b****slap from unbeatable magic aliens. Woo.


Re: Stellaris

The best patch notes from today's v2.3.3 release:

  • Non-genocidal gestalt empires may now also seize the galatron from those who would withhold access to its glory
  • Fixed so that the AI uses their idle science ships to assist research rather than just drawing salaries and doing nothing like typical freeloading intelligentsia
  • AIs in federation have finally discovered ship types other than "corvette"
  • Fixed some new Tutorial Lines not playing VO (VO for a bald eagle flying out of an explosion with a pistol grasped in its beak didn't arrive in time for today, alas)
  • The Caravaneers roam space once again instead of sitting in orbit ringing your doorbell for all eternity with an "offer you can't refuse"
  • Primitives living on Ring Worlds will no longer build normal districts on them when invaded, enlightened, or if they naturally develop spaceflight, because inscrutably we have created a game where apparently such things are possible
  • You can now steal relics when you're not in the galatron war, rather than only during the galatron war, though why you would steal any relic other than the Galatron is beyond me.

In other news, I'm still trying to finish this cursed game. At this point -- around the year 2390 -- I've apparently researched every basic technology (it's now only giving me the expensive "eternal 5%" ones), I'm #2 in the standings (just passed one of the two Fallen Empires), and I still can't fight any of the non-FEs.

Also, is it just me, or is there truly no way to hold down a + or - button to continuously add or subtract resources from a market buy/sell or trade deal, or to directly enter a number of units to trade? It can't possibly be for real that there's no way to do this other than to laboriously bash the mouse button once for Every Single Resource... can it?

These things aside, Stellaris has been interesting, and I've mostly enjoyed it, but it's gotten a bit grindy at this point.


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