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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Came back from a week in Japan. I went for this:


The heso matsuri in Shibukawa. People strap arms to their waists, paint faces on their bellies, and then cover their real faces with a fake hat so it looks like they're really short, and then dance down the street in order to celebrate the bellybutton.

You're supposed to paint the faces like the ones above. Some people had a different idea of what faces to paint:


Some people are so scared of the tiny dancing people that they'll run away from them like it's Pamplona:


And then have this photo without commentary:

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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Had a fun weekend :D
Our DnD DM is still learning (it was literally her first time DM'ing) but it was fun nonetheless.
(And I managed to help a bit by virtue of already having memorised a decent part of the rulebook :ghost: )
Some highlights:
-Our halfling rogue constantly hiding behind the robes of our wizard for sneak attacks, yet never actually needing the extra sneak damage to kill something due to good damage rolls
-Me only figuring out a third into the evening the kidnapped dwarf we were trying to rescue from goblins was not only our patron but also my character's cousin
-When we had to trudge down a dark forest path at night, my dwarf cleric used the light spell to make the sword of our slightly too self-important fighter glow...
bright pink :ghost:
(( "You can do that?" "Spell description says I can choose the colour." *cue laughter*))
-Goblin archer botched his attack roll so bad he hit a stalactite, which came loose from the ceiling, and fell on the goblin bosses head, nearly killing him.
-My dwarf cleric using thaumaturgy to cause a mini earthquake and frighten the goblin boss into doing dumb things (we then killed him)
Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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