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Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

Visited Ardpatrick, Limerick for the Ballyhoura MTB trail.
+Naed, all recorded in HD, and viewable here

Most notable is Vid 7 (love my beard), and Vid 9 from 1 minute.. this "moment" occurs at 1min 10 seconds.

This is the first time I have cycled my eMTB outside of Dublin.
I would have done it sooner, except I was knocked off my bike by a Taxi about 3 months ago.

+enjoy :) :D

In Josh We Trust

Re: Things That Made You Happy Today

I didn't expect to receive it since it's Saturday and I've ordered it not too long ago, but I've received something to keep me busy until the snow melts in late March/early April... Scale models of the Tu-95 and 160 heavy bombers, by Trumpeter, in 1/72 scale! They're ridiculously huge and have as many parts as 5 normal kits, but this way, I'm fairly confident I'll have something to do during winter.

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