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Re: Will Limit Theory Support This New Tech?

It looks like Josh has joined up with Star Citizen.
JoshParnell wrote:Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been away for the past two months but I have been really busy finalizing a deal that will work out for you and me in the long run. I've taken Chris Robberts up on the job offer that he proposed to me near the end of the kickstarter champaign. The plan is to combine Squadron 42 and Limit Theory into the best offline experience to date. With the help of the Star Citizen team I'll be able to get LT out the door sooner and into your hands.

Now for the bad news. The release date for LT is now two years out since the plan is to release it along side the persistant universe. I know, I know, I don't like it either but some times you have to roll with what life gives you.

Anyways, I'm glad to see that you guys cared enough about me and my absence by making (six?) threads about the topic. I'm also pleased to note that a number of you kept the faith in me and LT while I was absent from the forums.

Well, I have to continue teaching the guys at Roberts Space Industries how LTSL works. I'll try to post again in six months.

Later! :wave:

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