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Re: Small things that would be nice to have

A "show on map" feature for everything.
Want to see all the known offerings for hyglese on the map? It shows you.
Want to know the locations of all those pirate attacks in the news? It shows you.
Want to know every known zone which starts with the letter "H"? It shows you. (This one could be a bit harder to put in a really easy search query, but eh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :lol: )

Basically i dont want to be able to end up in a situation where its not possible to search for something.
(If i, personally, am incapable of formulating the search query in a way that yields me the results i need is a second order problem :lol: )

Ideally searches were composable and commute, in a way that i can store a certain query and apply it on any data set i encounter at a later time.

Say i painstakingly built a query that highlights all ore belts that could interest me.
I save that (possibly very complex) query in an UI object.

Now, i heard of some pirate attacks and want to know if the attacks occured in belts i care for.

So i use the block of "those pirate attacks" on my global map and get all locations of the attacks, now i apply the interesting ore filter to that and get the set of belts which the pirates attacked and which are of interest for me.

A bit similar to shader/texture composition in blender Image Of course some standard filters ala "show known repair locations" and "show my assets" are ready to use

Re: Small things that would be nice to have

I hope no one said this -and it's probably better suited for a mod- but whatever:

Procedural pets. (Or ProPs, as we call them.) You may have one or more pets in your ship or ships. (Of course, you can give one of your pets to a subordinate and tell him: "Take care of her for a moment. If she dies you are fired.") Pets need to eat, drink water and can make your ship a living hell. (Yes, you have to clean the shit.) If they die, is a shame, but you can buy another one. Naturally, you can grow up your own pets, create new variations through crossbreed, sell them or make a living trafficking controlled species. You can name them however you want or the game will generate one for you.

Wait a minute. I don't know what I'm writing this. There is no doubt that LT will have procedural pets from day one, so forget it. 8-)

;) :twisted:
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Re: Small things that would be nice to have

I'd like to see ship damage. So, flames or smoke coming from a damaged or destroyed thruster or other component. Laser rips or bullet dings on the face of the ship that has taken damage would also be nice to have. These effects could fade over time or as a ship gets repairs.

While we are on the subject, component destruction would also be nice. So, destruction of turrets, thrusters, shield emitters, and other components.

(These have probably already been suggested but I don't feel like looking through 10 pages of ideas to find them.)

Re: Small things that would be nice to have

Cornflakes_91 wrote:something from the pretty niche game "XO"

the gif says it all, quick flanking with only a few clicks, seems nice to have
Ok, this looks lovely. I could get behind more warfare if it was like this....

I am still however partial to asymmetrical warfare with total war while enemy insurgents are hidden throughout the civilian population and fighting them is all about detecting them and cutting their supply chains before they blow you up
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