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Re: Star Citizen

Arclite wrote:
Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:43 pm
I'm an original KS backer, and haven't spent anything since my initial $35.
Just out of curiosity, when was the last time any of you spent any money on SC, and what did you buy?
The successful drop of 3.2 I bought back one of the items I traded in. (Dragon fly)

Though some of the features were pushed they have made some significant improvements and additions. If 3.3 comes with some of the 3.2 features that were pushed back I'll likely buy another thing back.

Re: Star Citizen

I missed the KS backing and backed for a a "digital commander" shortly after they allowed pledging on RSI website. And then I pledged again for the Saber(?) stealth fighter when it came out.

Alas I personally do not feel any excitement for Star Citizen anymore.

I love the ambition of the game, but at this point I think they are proving some of the reasons why the bigger publishers will not touch these sorts of projects. It is a massive investment in technology development, let alone game play development. Point out a big pushier that is happy to wait 4 years while their development teams come up with new tech for a game before they can really start work on the game proper, instead of just developing on existing tech, using existing IPs?

I still dearly hope they succeed in their goal of delivering the BDSSE. However as I said, I just don't feel excitement for it anymore.

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