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Re: Random Rage Thread

JanB1 wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:Could have been error-40
Or ID-10-T
Oh c'mon! Now you're just making up stuff! :problem:
No, he isn't. :P
I am Groot.
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Re: Random Rage Thread

So I uninstalled Space Engineers a while back because I never played it and it was taking up obscene amounts of disk space. I went into the Steam folder today to see what games were taking up the most space- and lo and behold, Space Engineers still has multiple GB of files in its folder! I wouldn't even be that mad if I could actually get rid of it, but Steam has made the entire steamapps folder read-only, and nothing I do changes that- I uncheck the read-only box, and it takes 5 mins to apply the change to everything, and I check back in the properties- and read only is checked again! When I try to delete anything, it first asks for admin permission, which I grant, and then says that I need permission from the user account I'm using to delete the files! At this point I want to punch both the Steam programmers and the Win10 ones!

*pulls hair out*

EDIT: typo :oops:
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Re: Random Rage Thread

So I found one called Openshot. It's open source and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Turns out that not only is it prone to crashing, it can't actually play the video previews/timeline smoothly at all, and this is a known issue since 2016 at least. And something that's bugging the heck out of me is that it seems to be completely unable to word wrap its text. :evil:

Does anyone know of any other programs I might try? This is getting ridiculous.

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