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Re: Random Rage Thread

Detritus wrote:Aww, a painful patella problem. :(

Are you able to walk easily still, or do you experience difficulty in that?
Fortunately, this time it doesn't hurt- the kneecap is still in the groove more or less, just rotated in place it appears- so I can walk almost normally. However, I have it immobilized because letting it screw itself up more doesn't sound like a fun idea :ghost:

Got an appointment next Thursday with some pediatrics guys, so hopefully we can get things fixed up. Till then I guess I'm stuck

Re: Random Rage Thread

Detritus wrote:
Dinosawer wrote:pediatrics is where they treat small children
Obviously, cuisinart is a small child. ;)
Aren't we all sometimes, deep down in our inner self? :mrgreen:

And at cuisinart: I wish you the very best of good wishes and hope you get well soon!
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