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Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

Nice video, looove the planet (and I don't remember if you have change their graphics this month :think: but this one is beatutiful :D) and I love the nebula even more :ghost:

Good thing to see colony mecanics coming into the game, that was one of my main expectations :)

On the other hand, there was a lot of asteroids poping in the video, much more than in the previous update, have you change anything on this side that I didn't catch in the dev logs this month?

Anyway, good update, good work and have a nice day off :thumbup:

Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

Awesome update!
Am I right in thinking asteroid generation has improved a lot? I just love how the smaller ones move in front of the ones further away when you're flying. It gives a great sense of speed.

For dogfighting, I think more strafing is important. Once you're in a loop with an enemy turning around each other, it comes down to who is more powerful with the most accurate aiming. Strafing away from incoming fire should keep you safe.
At least, I hope strafing is in the game. For me, dogfighting in freelancer is one of my least favourite activities because I don't really feel mobile while doing it.
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Re: Development Update #18: June 2014

And here's me jotting stuff down in notepad while I watched the video:

No graphics talk? Aw, but that was a tradition! :P

Hmm, not sure I like the look of that ship... could potentially use some work.

O_O Those trails are beyond gorgeous.

Yay, he got rid of the spinny reticle thing.

Viewing a zone at a distance... Well, I haven't given it any thought at all, but it seems to me that a viable solution would be to render up a few different "asteroid field area" sprites specific to that zone... then place them in the area where the zone ought to be, on a grid, with some standard x/y/z deviance to make it look a little more natural. When you get close enough, you fade in the asteroids and fade out the sprite.

You're not going to be able to collide with all those tiny asteroid fragments, are you? Looks like it'd be painful and take you out in a hurry.

Flying through that asteroid field is gorgeous, and it feels exciting - and I'm not even the one at the controls. :D

And THERE'S a PERFECT example of no shadows at 7:43. You're in what ought to be a shadowed asteroid field - the sun is behidn the planet - and yet it's still perfectly bright. That's something people are going to notice. (Plus, the glare effect from the local star is shining through the planet, and that's a bit odd.)

I love how large some of those asteroids are, though...

Is it just me, or are all asteroids textured the same way for all systems? Would love to see at least some color/specular/glossiness variations between them, per system/zone.

On second glance, the glare-through-planet thing seems to be unique to planets, and doesn't effect asteroids. Should be a quick fix. Still want those shadows, though. :D

Shadows. need. shadows. especially in cities.

10:23: ohhhhhhhhh pretty

And look! He has those tutorial tips in that we've talked about here and there.

No buildings yet, but I'm sure that'll change.


That planet is beautiful. :) I love it. So nice to see something new. It's not the most beautiful system we've seen, but that planet mostly makes up for it.

+ Respect, Josh. Glad you're taking the extra time to complete it. :) I know it's not something you like at all, but still, it's admirable.
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