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Re: Underworld Ascendant

So while I didn't add words here, I did leave a number of them on OtherSide's UA forum... in Lizard Man. :D The UA team invited fans to invent words (and, to a lesser extent, grammar) for the Lizard Man language in this new game. I... may have gotten a little carried away.

Meanwhile, in more recent news, as a sort of teaser for the UA team's reveal of the alpha at E3, they've announced that UA will be available on Steam in September 2018.

(Mac and Linux versions are planned; no date given for those yet. Also, I haven't heard anything specific about a GOG distribution, but I think the team have said they're interested in that. More when I learn more.)

Here's their E3 teaser trailer.

Now, having said this, there are at least of couple of game writers who don't think this game will be ready by September: Ars Technica and PC Gamer have both published negative stories about the version of Underworld Ascendant built for them to putter around in. (But note that the level the writers were given was a tutorial level intended to have obvious solutions, and that the UA team have already made changes to address some of the concerns expressed.)

What do you think?

Re: Underworld Ascendant

Underworld Ascendant is set for public release on November 15, 2018, for PC, and in 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. (Mac and Linux releases are also being worked on -- no date announced for them, but I'd guess early 2019.)

Here's a peek at the trailer from August 20:

The team have made a lot of progress since that trailer was put together, and a final PR push is set for November 5.

Re: Underworld Ascendant

Oh my god. Oh my god.

I hate to be a pessimist, as I was an extremely enthusiastic fan of both original Ultima Underworlds, (Rest assured, I am dramatically under-exaggerating that statement. If there was merchandise, I would eat it. You are what you eat, after all. Sorry, got a little carried away there.) but Underworld Ascendant is, in its current state, total garbage. I'm the kind of person that will defend a thing just so it has some form of defense, but there are so many things wrong with it that I can't bring myself to summon forth the effort. Here's a combined list of my complaints and some observations.
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  1. There is no save system that will make you happy. The only save system I've found is that you'll start off in Marcaul (The "Hub" area.) with all of your inventory that you've collected, and your stats/health/skills, etc. It's almost like everything just kind of resets when you leave the game. Even my keybindings did.
    • I will stress this again: You cannot save the game. Even if it's not technically true, you may as well assume that you can't save. I can't play a game that doesn't let me save. D:
  2. It feels like the "Hub" aspect of it was taken too seriously. After the tutorial, (Which I had to do four times because I didn't know it wasn't saving.) it'll eventually dump you in Marcaul where it throws some story at you, but not that much. I still don't really know why there are floating ugly Lizardmen whose jaw movements don't match their loud voices, or why they all think the player is a hero right out of the gate. They just automatically help you.
  3. The skill tree looks kinda cool. I would've liked more skills, but I'm the kind of person that likes a thousand unique weapons in an FPS. (The "Aeons of Death" or "Russian Overkill" mods for Doom 2.) You use "Memora" to unlock them, but I don't know how you get them. It's either some kind of memory orb you pick up that serves as a skill point, or something you get by doing "feats."
  4. Each area off of the hub seems to be a "Mission." (I could be wrong.) You enter an area and do things. Only your inventory saves - The map resets when you leave for some stupid reason. For example, in Marcaul, there's a mission board where you can earn faction points. I took on a mission for the Dwarves (The "Expedition") that had me getting three spiky ball things, and it said there was a bonus if you go into the portal without any weapons or spells. Wait, portal?! Indeed, there was a portal to the area just up the stairs from the mission board you take the contract from. Why is there a portal there?! Where is "There?" I haven't even visited it yet! I went straight from the tutorial into Marcaul to the area in Marcaul that had the Mission Board. Geez. Give me some time to look around!
  5. The game is apparently on some kind of "doom" timer. The more time passes, the harder it gets, apparently. It says that denizens from the lower levels will rise up, so the game gets harder. Some reviewers only said they ever found Skeletons as the main enemies. I found some kind of a gazer-like creature but it was easily killed with the "Punch things from afar" spell. (The Hur Bet runes.)
  6. The Runestone bag is its own inventory item, just like in Ultima Underworld, and you have to "use" it to bring up the rune circle/page. It's a decent-enough pane, I guess. It doesn't tell you how much mana anything costs though.
  7. Speaking of which, there's a lot of missing information. You rarely know how much armor or attack power anything has, yet you can see their sell value.
  8. Sneaking seems passable. I'll have to toy around with it some more when I can bring myself to reinstall the game and it has a save system. (Insert exasperated emoticon here.)
  9. You have two rows of eight (Or was it ten?) inventory spaces. You can drag those back and forth from your ten-slot hotbar. Most items seem to stack to 20 in each of those spaces.
  10. Wooden chests are part of the game world / Terrain. You "activate" them to open the lid. They contain a sparkling item. There's no UI for it. It's literally just sitting there in the box like any other object in the game world. I wonder what would happen if a very large object as stashed in a small chest.
  11. There are lots of traps, but they're part of the few fun aspects of the game.
  12. You can mantle on 3/4 of the surfaces that look like you should be able to, though getting a running start doesn't always work.
  13. It doesn't feel like there's that much variation in the game. I mean, of anything. So far, I've found five different kinds of food but that's it. There's chairs, square tables, pots, barrels, wooden crates, and metal crates. There's some daggers, bones (as weapons), swords, stone axes, throwing axes, .. eh, .. not that much.
  14. As a backer, I was promised a ton of stuff. I haven't gotten any in-game items yet that were promised to me. Some other people have. The key they gave me didn't include any of it. I kind of gave up on all of it because if the main game isn't worth playing, why should the bonus items be worth having either. Such a shame.
Wait a year for all of the patches to come out before playing this.
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