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Re: Skyrim

fox wrote:
Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:33 am
show us da photo!
I would, fox, but as I've said before I don't post photos or images...of anything. My last image post here was during the early phase of Star Citizen development. It showed my green gas filled luxury hangar. It looked awful! I had to borrow my brother's camera for that. I don't own one. :angel:

Edit: On second thoughts. It wasn't for that image I needed the camera. I believe I managed to supply that through the wonders of instruction from a member here. The camera supplied some photos of statues I wanted to show our CM.

Re: Skyrim

So I finally have to start a game in Skyrim Special Edition.

I've tried all the tricks and tips to get "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma" to work in my probably massively over-modded original edition game but I'm receiving the dreaded infinite loading screen when I try to cross the border into Cyrodiil. I knew I was very close to the memory limit for the original release but thought I may have gotten away with it when I managed to exchange words with the Imperial soldier at the gate. He let me pass and wished me well....unfortunately the game wasn't as welcoming.

Now I need the advantages the SE version provides as this mod won't be the last with the creators planning on adding further regions of Cyrodiil to the game. :D

I'm never going to be able to leave this game...and that suits me fine. :angel:

Re: Skyrim

fox wrote:
Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:52 am
Bruma? Photos!! Screenshots!! ( :P )
I've been in Bruma during my time playing Oblivion, fox, but this is the mod I want to play: ... ods/10917/?

It's available for both the original Skyrim and the SE version. There are some nice videos provided that you may want to watch. If I could just add it to my current game I would but this setback has given me the push to change to the SE version. I still want SKSE support but I can use my vanilla saved games to play this mod. :angel:

Re: Skyrim

After playing vanilla Skyrim SE all the way through, I started loading up on mods again for additional fun.

Here are some of the ones that I've found have improved my play experience to greater or lesser degrees.

    • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch: must-have bugfix mod
    • Cutting Room Floor: restores some content -- just nice to have
    • Another Sorting Mod 2016-SSE: nothing fancy, just tweaks some names so they sort better
    • Decorator Helper: tired of placed objects not staying put? This can lock them in place
    • A Quality World Map: I debated before downloading this, but it's a nice improvement
    • Static Mesh Improvement Mod: another must-have, cleans up about 1000 low-poly and badly joined meshes
    • HD LODs Textures SE: better-looking distant mountains
    • Treeslod_23: trees look awful at long distances -- this improves them
    • Skyrim Flora Overhaul: really improves the look of all plant life
    • Waterplants: adds water lilies, etc. to the margins of some lake areas
    • HD Photorealistic Ivy: just like it says
    • Realistic Aspen Trees: just like it says
    • Skyrim Maples SSE: can switch some or all aspens to red maples -- really nice in the Riften area
    • Iconic's Real Hay: I use the less red 2K version, and it's much better than the default
    • Moss Rocks: a subtle but nice addition to rocks near water
    • Ethereal Clouds - Special Edition: cloud replacer for a better look
    • Nordic Snow: snow appearance improver -- as advertised
    • Skyrim 2017 Textures - 4K Diffuse 2K Normalmap: I use Landscape, Mines, Mountains, and Riften
    • (several visual mods by Kajuan): Draugr, Giant, Hagraven, Mammoth, Sabercat, Troll, and Wispmother
    • Dolomite Precipitation: vastly better-looking raindrops and snowflakes
    • Blacksmith Forge Water Fix: better-looking water in troughs
    • Relighting Skyrim: additional improvements to light sources
    • Torches Cast Shadows: minor but nice improvement to visuals
    • Book Covers Skyrim: book cover replacer; I use the desaturated version, it's not obtrusive
    • Immersive Sounds: adds lots of lore-friendly audio effects
    • Reverb and Ambience Overhaul: better audio effects, especially in tombs
    • Multiple Floors Sandboxing: allows NPCs to cross cells
    • Populated Cities Towns Villages: adds nearly 200 generic characters so that towns feel more alive
    • Relationship Dialogue Overhaul: over 5000 new lines of lore-appropriate dialogue in original voices
    • Realistic Conversations: improves the timing and frequency of NPC conversations
    • Instrumental Bards: prevent them from performing Yet Another rendition of "Ragnar the Red"
    • Left Hand Rings Modified SE: a slight bump in power for extra plausibility
    • The Gemstone Collector Remastered: an amazing number of additional ores, gemstones, statues and skulls
    • Advanced Adversary Encounters: gives opponents more abilities for more interesting fights
    • Hateful Wenches: way more fun than I expected -- they can summon draugr for MUCH harder fights
    • Skyrim Is Windy: lets plant life move naturally in response to blowing wind
    • Blowing in the Wind: signs and lanterns blow in the wind (really nice when you see it)
    • True Storms Special Edition: much better thunder & heavy rain/snow
    • Birds and Flocks SSE Edition: more birds
    • Birds of Skyrim SSE Edition: more more birds
    • skyBirds SSE Edition: more more more birds

Re: Skyrim

So, Bethesda is planning on opening paid mods for Skyrim sometime in September. Citation needed? I got you, fam.[1][2][3][4][5]

Yes, they've done this before. Yes, they're doing it again. They clearly didn't learn the first time, even after the community backlash when they first did it for Skyrim. They already did it for Fallout 4 at the end of August. Here's how that turned out:
(It should be easy to tell when it happened)

The Fallout 4 content is terrible and even some of the "best content" they advertise is stolen from other things. (There's a chair ripped from Sims 4, for instance.) More importantly, everything is pre-downloaded to your computer - all paid mods, taking up multiple gigabytes of space - and they're encrypted, so you have to pay to unlock them. How much, you ask? They offer a $40 "credits" package, so I'm assuming you could end up spending hundreds of dollars just modding your Fallout 4 game. Naturally, people are angry - and it's coming to Skyrim next. I expect it to be a lot more dramatic, seeing as nearly three times as many people (according to SteamSpy) play Skyrim as Fallout 4. Triple the count can build up a lot more than triple the momentum.
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