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Re: Pareidolic Icons

Lum wrote:It depends on the day... in a good day is clearly a Khajiit, in a bad one a Kilrathi :lol:

Impresive tool!

Edit1: and thanks for your comments :D

Edit2: and no, no idea how sound works... maybe isn't implemented yet? :problem:
On a realy bad day it's a KZINTI. :evil:
"A sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
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Re: Pareidolic Icons

So just an update. I've made it so that all data about a face is stored, and can be slightly modulated to create a bunch of different faces of the same species or such. Not much to show just yet but I'll keep you all informed if it starts working.

(I don't have any funny quotes to put here yet. Somebody say something funny.)

Re: Pareidolic Icons

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