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interplannetary space

i am wondering how large the size of each system wil be and the likelyhood of acceleration gates/warp nodes (eve style) to the most important places.
if the system is really large a way of traveling these distances eficiently would be nice, if you could asign the destination for your warp yourself by selecting bodies or beacon ships aleredy at the location there would be more freedom gameplaywise, however these should still be nodes for the most important places.

the reason this is important is that a large system makes for a larger playground for superbattles and mission objectives being generated, and there should be a way of traveling that is neither overpowered nor limiting. traveling should be a thing you can lean back and observe as the universe glides past. there is no argument that there shoulld be gates in between systems, the problem is how to do shaz in a gives system without being inhibiting to the player, the best way to do this seems to be with warp engines and targets+nodes that way a good ship travels faster than a poor ship (more expensive drives).
tactical blitz wings, nuff said.

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