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Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

I have to point out. You all are an entertaining group of people to say the least.

I've been lurking for a couple years but have found myself checking in more and more frequently. Josh-posts are great but I find that I'm mostly showing up now to see what kind of hijinks are going on at that particular moment. I've generally avoided posting on most forums because it's usually all I can do to keep from drooling on myself :lol:, much less contributing anything remotely resembling a coherent thought. :clap:

Joking aside, I did want to say thank you to the group as a whole. Many of the people here have posted resources or provided some type of motivation for me to sit down and start learning the dark art of coding. I've just begun teaching myself Python (First language) and while it's different from most of my daily duties, I find great potential and satisfaction in learning this. I hope some of that creeped you all out but I suspect it didn't. I'll have to try harder in the future.

A bit about me -- Professionally I'm an IT Infrastructure Engineer (the fake kind)/Cyber security lead for a government contractor.. I'm basically a glorified sysadmin but I'll take all the glory I can get. When I'm not working, I'm usually in my garage working on one of several ridiculously stupid car projects, fabricating stuff in the machine shop or just general monkeying around with metal toys. I game some but have found myself really waiting for all of what LT promises (such is why we're here, right??). I've been mostly playing some Stellaris [No Silver, I don't play multiplayer], keeping tabs on Starpoint Gemini Warlords and some classic Secret of Monkey Island and Space Quest.

Anyway, really just wanted to pop in here to say thanks and I'll be sticking around.. With all the people threatening to leave, hopefully a couple semi new-ish followers is encouraging.

Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

e30m wrote:I have to point out. You all are an entertaining group of people to say the least.

yabber yabber

Come join us on the IRC. :ghost:

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Thats the tame end of the spectrum.
True entertainment is found on the IRC. (or discord)
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Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Welcome, e30m! :wave: Hopefully you'll grace the forums with one of your posts from time to time. :D Even if not, we'll probably still try to keep the hijinks amusing. What's amusing for you is probably amusing for us too. :D That said, it really does sound like you'll fit in just fine. ;) Come visit in IRC (preferably while the Europeans are on and chat is still busy) if you ever want real-time python pointers. :) And do your utmost best not to overuse the smilies. :ghost:
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Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

It's a pleasure to welcome you to the forums, e30m. I'm sure you will enjoy your time here. :wave:

It's a shame we don't see a little more of the coding warrior than we do but there is no lack of informative and entertaining content as we have a varied and interesting Community. I add to the voices of recommendation to visit IRC. This is only the tip of the iceberg you see here. :D

Please feel free to use the smilies generously. I do. ;) :angel:

Yes, I know you were joking, Nathan.

Re: Official "Hi, I'm New" thread

Well, I broke the surface in another thread because I couldn't bear to see a numbered list that was missing information that I possessed, so I may as well do the neighbourly thing and introduce myself in the official thread.

bkdevil here. I'm a network monkey for a software company in Canada. I love the idea of procedural game properties and emergent gameplay. I love the Elder Scrolls games, Fallout, the X series (minus Rebirth of course), and Dwarf Fortress.

I've really enjoyed lurking on the forums and reading everyone's thoughts on... well... just about everything. The "where the hell is the game" posts make me grind my teeth a bit, but whatever, everyone is entitled to post what they are thinking.

Anyways, hello all. I will stop typing now because even this level of social interaction with strangers makes my palms sweat.

bkdev out.

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