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US cable giant Comcast has submitted the winning bid in the auction for broadcaster Sky
Time I switched to another ISP, methinks!
But I wish, me my friend, I could sail to the stars
Have the gift to transport
My whole being, my whole thought
To a world of dreams, my friend

Re: Random

IronDuke wrote:
Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:17 pm
shell out lots of money, or make it all yourself.
IronDuke is a professional counterfeiter, of this we can be certain.
Please don't take my advice. You will wind up in jail if you do.
For some reason, I feel obliged to display how many people have talked in IRC over the past 2 hours: Image :problem:

Re: Random

True enough, though I have yet to get an asset from the Store that I could just plug straight in, so I understand why people would pay more for a freelancer. Every single one of them needed work, sometimes hours, before it would do what I wanted, either because it wasn't the exact feature needed, conflicted with existing stuff, or needed content added to function. Still, way way less work than making it myself, and way cheaper than a freelancer. It's a nice middle position. I just wish the really awesome assets weren't all so expensive :/ I don't make any money to speak of with what I develop, so it's hard for me to justify paying for pretty much anything...
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