Making the Borg a reality with carriers!

I have a idea to make a Borg ship reality but with a twist.
  • This idea relies on if you can fire while landed and you can land on top of a already landed ship. This would take an toll onto the host ships speed and maneuverability if the small ships cant latch on while firing their engines. Finally every ship is manned able to fire but ordered to clamp onto the Host ship or extensions.
  • Make a Carrier box which is only a engine then land many smaller cubes which have weapons on 1 or 2 faces land those ships on top of each other to create a cage around the main engine ensuring everyone of the cube ships has a line of fire. The twist is the cube ships can detach in sections or all at once in a sequence or in chaos maybe damaging each other in a collision. Once detached these guys could still follow in formation if set up to do so or swarm at enemy's and be manually or preset to follow the sequence to reattach.
  • As this would be a nightmare for the Ai to execute maybe we can open some sort of strategy command programming system which will allow anyone to set this up at will it could create a interface and a graphic model of the plan and aids in some commands such as landing. A example of a command would be: [Select Target] > [Land onto X,Y,Z or onto face then select face with mouse] > [Set facing direction 90°] > [Set orders] > [Clamp onto landing pad (which auto disables engines)] > [Set orders] > [Fire at enemy of Host ship in Line of Sight]. The small ships are extensions of the host ship so they can respond to attacks but wont be able to start them without the Hosts command. Manually enabling engines while landed to add thrust to the host ship would be on the player to aim them properly and/or AI to know which direction your moving in to fire them properly.
Edit: Just thought of something more while a collective unit you can land onto a suitable location such as a massive asteroid, space station, planet but to prevent sinking into the ground you have the floor of the ship be the most aligned cubes at the same outside plane. But you could still pilot a ship into the gaps of the Borg ship if skilled enough to avoid crashing.

What do you think? I'm excited about the idea!

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