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Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

Poet1960 wrote:Okay, I plead ignorance. Is fresh v some kind of rapper or what?
We're not quite sure. He might be an It boy. A celebrity where no one has the faintest clue as for why they are famous.

But yeh, Fresh V is a completely nonsensical name (like Half-a-Dollar) that hints at being a hipper and hopper or whatever rappers like to call themselves this week.
But it's turning into a brand so anything is possible.

Victor Tombs wrote:Gazz has one seriously out of control imagination about me. :P
This world is a bright and colourful place if you let it. Your neighbor could be the secret identity of Hoe Man, a superhero with the power to move small amounts of soil.
There is no "I" in Tea. That would be gross.

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

Gazz wrote:This world is a bright and colourful place if you let it. Your neighbor could be the secret identity of Hoe Man, a superhero with the power to move small amounts of soil.
:o Do you really believe I'm unaware that this world is a bright and colourful place Gazz? I believe such words would be better targeted at certain other souls in the Community who are in want of such reminders. My "inner world" is colourful enough without having to resort to the kind of low level imagination you suggest. I wouldn't feel at ease practicing such trivial pursuits on real souls. I guess it's a case of whatever floats your boat. :)

I did find the image of the limo and ladies highly amusing though. :lol:

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

Flatfingers wrote:


Listening to the video, I found myself wondering: who really gets to choose what NPCs are doing?

Early in the video, we heard about NPCs that "they're all doing their own thing" (1:15) and "NPCs are allowed to choose what they want to do" (8:40). But later, we heard "these people who are actually working right now ... they are not the ones making the decisions" (13:09) and "every person that you see trading, and every person that you see mining, has actually been ordered to do that by a superior officer" (14:41).

Is there a conflict here? On the one hand, NPCs are said to be free to choose; on the other hand, they're being told what to do by The Man. So which is it? Or is it both? (I can imagine how it might be both, but I'd rather not assume things.) (/snip)
I do believe that in the same video Josh also said, "The reason these bosses aren't doing anything is because I haven't written the code for NPC's to self-manage yet." (paraphrased)

So that simply means that the "workers" can't tell themselves to do something yet, and the guys issuing work orders can't fly around because they're busy filling out work orders.

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

I have the impression that some of the capabilities of actors in LT -- and what that means for what kinds of things they are, robots or people -- are still being worked out by Josh.

At the time of the video, he seemed to be used the term "NPC" to describe all the actors we could see, both the mobile workers and the stationary directors. My question was to try to better understand how an NPC could be said to be free to choose what to do while still being ordered to do certain work.

If workers are robots and executives are people, then that question is answered: worker-bots aren't NPCs any more.

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

mos7wan7ed wrote: A WISH
It would be cool if you could procedurally generate some basic message based conversation system. One between NPC & player and maybe NPC & NPC that players could overhear. You could use the NPC's needs, goals, standing towards the player, and the reason for the conversation to generate the conversation's topic and tone. Nothing in great detail of course, but still something helpful to further immerse the player. Maybe help the player figure out what the NPCs might be thinking\planning, or what the NPCs goals\standings towards the player might be. It would be a system that could allow the player to interact semi-interactively and not just through cold hard interactions with contracts or guns.
Shameless self-promotion, but:

Communication with NPCs
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