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Re: Space to Planet transision

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

To be completely honest, it's overrated. After the first "Oooh!"s and "Aaaah!"s are over, you realize that there's precious little to do on a planet, unless you also implement free atmospheric flight and a gosh-darn reason to go there in the first place.

(In the above example, there's some (mostly useless) minerals you can mine there as well as a city or maybe several to visit, but as far as functionality goes, they offer nothing beyond what a space station can do. IIRC sometimes there were a few containers with goodies as well, but those were few and far between, and also hidden in space.)

In return, it takes what feels like an eternity to enter and leave a gravity well again, with the added risk of botching reentry or orbital ascent due to going too fast. From a simulationist point of view, this might be the bee's knees. From the gamist's point of view, it's boring, doesn't add to the game and eats a lot of time and effort to implement in a convincing way.

The way LT is set up, with planets being little more than souped-up stations, there's little reason to implement the whole seamless transition just to allow you to access the planetary menu. The Freelancer-style handwave works fine in this context, and is much easier to implement.
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