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Re: Gameplay Demo #4

NikoDG wrote:Any chance those rings will spin? Gotta create some artificial gravity, right? ;)
this could go ether way. most things (aside from ships and weapons-fire) most of the game is static. now the rings moving might just be an issue of animation and might be easier to accomplish.
regardless i see josh expanding the station genoration to include several cool features not shown in this first pass. XD
If I've rambled and gone off topic im sorry but i tend to be long winded as you might notice if you stumble across my other post XD. thanks for reading.

Re: Gameplay Demo #4

Excellent as always, Josh. I can't wait to see further developments. Not only on space stations, but on everything in general. Keep up the astounding work! :)
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Re: Gameplay Demo #4

Nice work! Love these video updates.

You are probably already are planning this, but just in case:

Cool that you will be able to dock a small ship inside a landing bay in station.
I think it would also be great, if there is some sort of standard docking ring/hatch on the outside of the station-- so that a larger ship can pull alongside and connect. I'd love to be able to fly large ships that are too big to fit inside a landing bay.

For that matter, two ships should be able to dock with each other in this way in open space.
Random encounter in space + standard docking hatch== lets dock our ships and chat / share supplies / take on passengers / make a business deal?


Re: Gameplay Demo #4

The stations look great! Love the shading and the metal skin effects. As for spinning rings, with artificial gravity, spinning rings would complicate things a bit and would be unnecessary. They would look cool though. ;)
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