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KS and Betas

Sorry to ask about beta, I know Josh doesn't like talking about far off things, but...
I was just wondering, because of the $45 Black Friday beta, if that would mean that people not paying 45 dollars would be unable to access any beta version? Not unduly concerned about it, just asking because I love the look of this game (actually made a horrible DBpro game on the same premise a few years back). The game looks awesome, and I think I might donate a couple of bucks to get the updates.

Re: KS and Betas

If you do not select a pledge level that includes a Beta reward ($45 for the Black Friday Beta, or the $60+ tiers all include Beta access), then you do not get access to the closed Beta testing. Whether or not there ends up being an open Beta right before release is something that hasn't been discussed, as far as I know. Maybe so, maybe no.

To get the Prototype(s), you need to pledge at least $75 and select an appropriate reward tier.
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Re: KS and Betas

the black friday deal is a speckle offer, as people wanted a chance to get into the beta but didn't have to pay as much as $60 to get in, while the black friday deal doesn't contain all the goodies from the higher tier, it is very good value for money as it is

as for the prototype access (mainly focused on combat from what we know) this is a lot higher up, but will give you a earlier access to the game, but it will be very limited, so it really depends if you want access to this or not, but if you are interested in helping out, then either of the betas tiers are good, (I've gone for the prototype access myself)

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