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Friendly Fire woes

I have managed to blow up my own fleets ships on quite a few occasions now after having friendly AI happily swerve infront of the barrage of my frigate resulting (rolling with all 850dps now) in me inta-popping my own ships.

I was wondering if there is some simple fix that can be done, perhaps temporarily disabling FF until the AI gets a bit smarter and learns to stay away from heavy barrages of weapons and / or not directly in front of the fire of large friendly ships.

Not sure if anyone else has had much of the same problem?

Re: Friendly Fire woes

I've seen a good deal of both while playing, I've had many fighters crash into my frigates and destroy themselves. It's also the reason I don't put to many missiles on my other ships simply because fighters run into them before they get near their targets. Many of my ships have also been lost to the jumpgates when they inadvertently hit or go through it while turning around. The AI still does need a lot of work, with all that said though this is only the prototype and by its very nature this stuff is going to be there.
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