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Re: Signed-distance-field (SDF) text renderer

JoshParnell wrote:
light487 wrote:I had a question about the text rendering stuff in LT that's been implemented recently, so this thread will do.. right?

Will we be seeing text being written on to the side of game objects? or is it only for the text in the GUI itself?

When I saw the posts about the text rendering, my first and pretty much only thought was how cool it would be to have your own company/corporation identifier and name on the side of cargo containers and other items created by you etc... like a dynamic labeling system.
Yes, mentioned being very excited about this in the dev logs. I have already conducted successful tests ;) Sadly, not sure we will get to see that in this video. But...the mechanism for doing what you describe is in deed there :thumbup:
That would be so awesome! :thumbup:

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