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That's an excellent point! A larger ship wouldn't necessarily need to know which failed, just that one failed.

Perhaps listing them all would be a good way of doing it... but it would really be nice if it was a bit more intuitive which one failed. For example, listing all the weapons for a fighter in a little box doesn't really tell you which weapon is failing. If it was done on a 3d holographic mockup or something, then it would be a little clearer. Either way, a row of lights at the bottom isn't very helpful in determining what's having trouble.
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Re: UI

just recognised that i slightly missed the point ._.

im thinking about the HUD with my above suggestion, not the full hardpoint view.

i say hardpoints should be displayed on the ships holo view at the correct positions or at least some marker going from the hardpoint logo to the actual position
this markings should be colored akin to some filter (per default maybe damage status or something selectable by a dropbox or something)

to the side of that should be a hidable list view which is sorted by type of equipment, (weapons, engines etc) and in this sublist by the actual manufacture of the system (all mk3 plasma cannons in one bunch)

the dot graph could be in a corner of the screen, highlighting the system you click on on the graph, making finding damaged systems fast and easy

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Re: UI

Talvieno wrote:That's perfect.

well, in my opinion. :P
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Re: UI

Hardpoints can and will be displayed on that overlay in their correct positions :) I just didn't get enough time to hammer out that new hardpoint interface yet!
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