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LT Lore

In this topic, I will try to write a story about the LT Universe based on suggestions made on this forum.

The story will be illustrated with drawings made by Shuul (thanks Shuul :) ).

  • Introduction
  • The Lecture
  • Slowing Down
  • ånjå
  • Madness [new]
  • [coming soon]

The following is an extract of the diary of Dr. H. Korpøl, researcher at the Institute for Precursor Science (IPS):

Day 10, month 2:

The data from yesterday's analyses seems to indicate that the field is indeed getting stronger in the direction of the center.
This can only mean that my theory is correct!
This data is a step to the grand price of science, amazing, if only I could pinpoint the exact location....
I wish my wife was still with me to witness this discovery, she put so much work in it and even here life for science.
I miss you Clød.
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Re: LT Lore

The lecture

The noise of many people talking waves trough the auditorium.
Everyone is talking in excitement, asking himself what discovery could be the reason for them being there.
Suddenly, the lights dim and a long, grey skinned man walks to the podium, his four arms waving next to his body.
The man takes place on the podium and clears his throat; everyone becomes quiet and is looking full of expectations at the unannounced speaker.

“My name is Dr. Korpøl”, he says, while skimming the audience with his one eye.
“I’m here to tell you something more about our latest discovery.”
“Before the time off all current know races, there was a precursor race, as you all know, their technology was superior to that of our own, today we are still finding their artifacts and they continue to overshadow our current technology.”
He takes a pause watches the public and nods.
“Five months ago, My colleagues and I found indications of one of the most powerful relics they created, on the twenty-first oscillation of the calendar, we’ve discovered that our whole galaxy is influenced by a field similar to that of the created by our propulsion mechanism of choice, the H-drive, it is in fact so similar that I would say that it is one and the same but at the moment we don’t have enough data to confirm this.”
A man raises his hand, and asks: “What does it matter, I mean those fields are already everywhere because of most people flying their ships with a H-drive, so why should this discovery be of any importance?”
Dr. Korpøl stares at the man and says: “If you would first listen to what I have to say before starting to ask such questions it would probably help you understand a lot. Next time you interrupt me for something like that I will ask you to leave this room.”
The man’s face turns green and he looks shy at his bottom tentacles while mumbling “Sorry, it won’t happen again.”
“Does anyone else have a question?” asks Dr. Korpøl.
When no one responds, Korpøl continues his story.
“The fact that we discovered a field that seems to have similar properties to the H-field means that we can finally have an explanation for why our Galaxy seems to act different compared to others, but more over this later.”
“The first thing I was asking myself when we discovered the field was where it could originate from, after some research in some old DNA-drives I found an old text based on an precursor artifact.
The text I found spoke about giant star ships, we have however never found any starships made by the precursors, this made me think that it could maybe be a translation error and pushed me to search for the original text, when I found it I was stunned, the text didn’t spoke over giant start ships, it spoke over giant ships made of stars!”
At this moment, a surprised murmur goes through the audience.
“Silence please!” shouts someone, to everyone’s surprise, it is the man who earlier interrupted Dr. Korpøl but nevertheless everyone gets silent.
Dr. Korpøl clears his throat and continues.
“It is my belief that this text should be interpreted literally and that the precursors where indeed able to move whole star systems.
I believe that they developed a propulsion system that uses H-fields in its mechanism and that it so powerful that it is able to move whole star systems and maybe even whole galaxy’s and this is where it gets interesting. This would mean that we finally have a reason to explain why our planets don’t move, why our galaxy seems to be static and why it looks like our galaxy has ‘drag’, as we all know.
The H-field induces a force that counteracts all change of position in it , the fact that there is a H-field everywhere in our galaxy means that it would induce a force that would eventually make planets stop by creating a force pointed in the opposite direction of the planetary movement, effectively making them stand still after thousands of years, this also explains why our reaction engine ships stop when we turn off their thrusters, the field creates a force that makes them stop.
By studying geological samples we’ve also discovered that the field varied in strength over time, much like a failing light bulb starts to flicker when it is near the end of its life time, and this is the scary part, I believe that there is such a propulsion system in the center of our galaxy that never turned off when the precursors suddenly disappeared, and it is my belief that this device is now starting to fail, like the light bulb it starts to flicker, we are lucky to be in moment in time where the field is strong, so that the position-change counteracting force is strong enough to counteract gravity, but when the field should weaken or even disappear, my teams calculations suggest that it our whole galaxy would start to ‘implode’, planets would be pulled into their stars, and everything would collapse.
My team and I will conduct further research into this to try to pinpoint the exact location of the device.”
At this moment Dr. Korpøl realizes that his communicator is ringing in his pocket, he quickly skims its screen and with a surprised look on his face he says: “I’m sorry people but it looks like I’m have duties elsewhere at the moment.”
Korpøl walks of the podium to the door of the auditorium while the audience is firing questions at him; he opens the door and goes outside to do whatever is expected from him.
Image direct link (created by Shuul)


Slowing down

The following is an extract of the diary of Dr. H. Korpøl, researcher at the Institute for Precursor Science (IPS):

Day 7, month 5:

What an exciting month it has been!

The first 3 localization beacons are in place and the current signal indicates that the source of the H-field is somewhere in the direction of 'the center', but let's not jump to conclusions yet. I'll have to wait until the other 7 beacons are installed to get more significant data.
I'm so excited about this!

On a side note:
there was yet another accident yesterday, luckily the guy hasn't any mayor wounds and he will be able to start working again soon.
It's a pity that we seem to have such a bad luck with our workers, the accident counter now stands on 6 accidents and we're only working for 2 months!
We can't afford to lose any more workers, we're already behind on schedule and any more slowing down could mean that we lose our investors.

Day 10, month 5:

Yet another accident, a lethal one this time!
What the hell is happening here?
I'm starting to suspect that somebody is trying to sabotage us, but why, why would anyone want to sabotage scientific progress?
Tomorrow, I'm going to go to SpŒndor to search for a private investigator, maybe he can tell me what's happening here.

Day 11, month 5:

Today, I went to SpŒndor; It's an ugly city but I found what I was looking for.
I hired an investigator named ånjå, he seems to know what he's doing and he asked for a fair price, to be fair I would've been prepared to pay him more but he refused telling me that I could always pay him more after he fixed the job. I really hope he will be able to make this madness stop, certainly whit the presentation of our discovery coming closer, we wouldn't want any bad publicity.

Day 29, month 5:

Finally! ånjå seems to be doing a good job in keeping everything save, we have had exactly zero accidents in the past weeks, although he hasn't discovered who was sabotaging us yet.
We've also started construction on beacon #4 and the best news is that we're not anymore behind on schedule, if everything keeps going as smooth as it is now we will even finish a month earlier than expected!
I'll think I'll give the workers a day off tomorrow to celebrate this!
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Re: LT Lore


The moment he leaves the auditorium he once again takes his communicator out of his pocket, the message send to him by ånjå is still displayed on the holoscreen;

Sender: ånjå
Meet me in 10min at my office.

Korpøl walked down the road wondering what could be so important that ånjå would interrupt his presentation for. Could ånjå finally have made a breakthrough?
At that moment, a yellow car hovered next to him, Korpøl raised his hand and the car stopped on the sidewalk, Korpøl entered the car. “Where to?” did the driver ask him, “New-emperor’s street 5909 please.” Answered Korpøl.
“So what are you going to do in that old neighbourhood?” asked the driver.
“None of you business, I pay you to get me there not to have a chat with me, and can you please drive faster?”
“Hmpf, I can only drive as fast as I’m allowed to.”

Five silent minutes passed by while the cab took Korpøl to his destination, the only thing that could be heard in the car was a cough from the driver and the soft humming of the gravitation engine. While waiting to arrive at his destination Korpøl started to become more and more worried, why did ånjå need him so quickly? Why couldn’t he just tell him what he wanted in a holo-message and more important, what could be so important that ånjå interrupted one of the most important parts of his life?

“That will be five pieces of ViritiumA,” said the driver, interrupting Korpøl’s line of tought.
“Hmm?” said Korpøl
“Five pieces of ViritiumA” repeated the driver with an irritated tone in his voice.
Korpøl reached for his wallet, picked on piece of ViritiumB and gave it to the driver, “You can keep the change.”
“Wow, thanks man” said the driver with a surprised look on his face the cab driver looked to Korpøl. He put the money away and wanted to thank that strange man again but when he looked up the man was already gone.
With a smile on his face, the cab driver hovered down the road while thinking how lucky he was to get five times the amount of money he had asked for.

Korpøl stepped out the cab and walked towards a large grey building, it was an old building, probably older than he was himself and small cracks where forming underneath the building’s windows.
He opened the door and stepped into a dark hallway, at his right side there was a lift, not one of the new ones but an old one that still made use of counterweights, a paper was attached to the doors of the lift, when Korpøl came closer he could read that it was saying “Out of order”. “Great” he thought, “now I will have to climb the five floors to ånjå’s office by using those stupid stairs.”
Slowly, he walked to the stairs and started to climb them.
When he finally reached the 5th floor, he was puffing and sweating.
He walked towards a door with a gold-colored plaque that informed the reader that this was the office of “ånjå”, “Private investigator”.
He knocked on the door and a small brown-skinned man with long thin hair and a tired look on his face opened the door, his eyes quickly skimmed the surroundings, looking from the stairs to the corridor, to finally let his gaze rest on Korpøl.

The person standing in front of Korpøl looked somehow different from the one he met a couple of months ago, it was as if the cheerful ånjå that he had met on SpŒndor had become more serious, and that tired look in his face, as if he had seen things that people don’t want see, that people shouldn’t see.

“Finally, you’re here,” said the small creature while making hissing noises, “come in, we need to talk.”
“I’m not going to lie to you, but you won’t be happy to hear what I’ve to tell you”
With a scared look on his face, Korpøl entered ånjå’s office, while preparing himself for the worst.
Image direct link (created by Shuul)

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Re: LT Lore


The following is an extract of the diary of Dr. H. Korpøl, researcher at the Institute for Precursor Science (IPS):

Day 19, month 7:

No, No, No, No, this cannot be true, I refuse to accept it! It's like the seven are trying to prevent me from doing my work.

At first I thought everything was ok, that with hiring ånjå all our troubles would be over. We've gone two whole months without issues and now, Vaerstad, the construction lead of the localization beacons, has suddenly become ill.

I can't help but fear that this again is some plot to prevent us from completing my research, but maybe I'm just paranoid, let's hope Vaerstad gets better soon but until then we'll have to cease construction on beacon #4.

Day 20, month 7:

ånjå called me, Vaerstad died yesterday night.
ånjå has arranged an autopsy let us hope it wasn't sabotage this time.

Now I not only have lost replaceable workers but also a friend.
How much longer will I need to endure this?
What have I done wrong to deserve this?

Day 3, month 8:

Tomorrow I'll have my presentation and I will finally let the people know about our amazing discovery.

I'm so excited that I can't even sleep!

However there is still one thing that worries me, by now Vaerstad's autopsy report should be delivered to ånjå, but he hasn't contacted me for weeks, I hope this doesn't mean bad news, I honestly do.
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Re: LT Lore

ThymineC wrote:
Black--Snow wrote:Although there are a few grammatical/spelling errors it was a truly enjoyable chapter, please do write more!

Also, a writer and an artist, Amazing. :O
Shuul does the art.
Ahh, I see. I have a friend of mine slave around doing art for me too. :P
I think he enjoys it though so it's all good.
I am literally and wholly in love with myself.

Re: LT Lore

Black--Snow wrote:Although there are a few grammatical/spelling errors it was a truly enjoyable chapter, please do write more!

Also, a writer and an artist, Amazing. :O
Thanks, please feel free to point out my error, I can only learn of them :D.
At the moment I'm a bit busy with school, but I will certainly continue this story.
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