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Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

DWMagus wrote:I'm guessing the dislikes is because we would have had much more likes if it wasn't for the torrent. While you can ask for likes, not everyone who downloaded the torrent even viewed it on YT. The ratio is off. :|
I very seriously doubt this. The first three dislikes occurred before it even hit 500 likes. The last video didn't get a single dislike until it hit about 900 likes. It's not a ratio thing, there just happened to be more people disliking the video this time, for whatever reason.

I don't think the torrent would have affected the ratio that much. I liked the YouTube video right after watching the torrent and I'm sure many others did too. How many people even downloaded the torrent?

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

I think once a whole galaxy is set up the best test to know everything is realistic is to be able to have a central planet with little physical mineral value that routes all trade in the surrounding systems. Kind of a flea market where things from all corners are rounded up to.
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Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

Those dislikes could be for any number of reasons. For instance, a disgruntled partner who isn't getting the attention they feel they deserve and blames it on LT. The developer who has spent the last nine years on a similar game and it still lacks any of the awesome qualities of LT. Or there was that guy who said Josh was attempting the impossible. He is probably responsible for one dislike every month.

The paucity of dislikes is a testament to how much gameplayers appreciate a superior game design by a developer who really cares about his work.

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

Victor Tombs wrote:Those dislikes could be for any number of reasons.
Or maybe just no particular reason at all. A person voting on the LT videos can either "like" or "dislike" it, and we'll assume that their vote doesn't affect the votes of other people. Let's assume that on average, an LT video gets 3 dislikes after 1000 votes. Model the number of dislikes as a binomial distribution, then µ=n*p, p = µ/n = 0.003, so X ~ Bin(1000, 0.003).

Last time, Josh got a single dislike before he hit 1000 votes. Under this model there's a 14.9% chance of that happening. This time, it'll probably be four, and there's a 16.8% chance of that happening, which is about as likely. So you can pretty much just get this variance in dislikes happening for no particular reason - the underlying probability distribution could be entirely unchanged. Haters are just gonna hate (with a stochastically-determined frequency).

Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

CSE wrote:{looking for appropriate superlatives}

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This problem has arisen in the past. You can borrow from my special list if you like:
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Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

Yeah, becoming an economist/tycoon really looks promising and interesting. Especially with this nice interface. Hope it won't change too much anymore. I know of several OS, mine included, that don't posses the ability to guide an user that easy through menus unlike this one. But I'm also interested in how the fighting part of the game will evolve. Lets wait and see. Hopefully the stretch goals don't push the release date too far away.

Hmmmm dev logs are really at such awkward times these days, don't you think? I wish someone would fix that :think: :roll:

Pretty standard day off so far. Looks like ESO only ships today for me..I ordered one of the physical I don't get to play yet I guess :( month! Speaking of ESO, the day's not quite over yet and I do need to pay Skyrim a visit.

Excuse me while I do so :D
Nope, but Skyrim/ESO does :roll:


Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

The dislikes are because the metal doesn't look better this month. I for one am very disappointed about that ;)

Joking aside, the update exceeded my expectations and of course I liked it on YT after watching the torrent version. I get the feeling that LT development is over the hump now.
There's just so much artificial life in this system :mrgreen:

Now imagine this with ships looking different from each other, a player trading UI, docking/landing, combat, factions, and a practically endless supply of PCG systems of all kinds. LT would be so much fun to play already, although research, production etc. isn't even implemented yet.
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Re: Development Update #15: March 2014

There is, as of yet, no hard science of emergent behavior. Artificial life remains an esoteric discipline and any attempt to create it is fraught with risk and uncertainty. Despite this Josh has made that a central aspect of Limit Theory and I commend him for that. Of course he is going to be excited in seeing his work start to bear fruit now that his framework has started to reach the point where the creation can surprise the creator. It is a major accomplishment.

Without an appreciation for the difficulty of the task of creating a sustainable simulation that incorporates emergent behavior, a lot of the most recent video loses its impact. In many respects this video looks the least like a game and the most like a science experiment. Furthermore the graphs that are presented are more tuned to the needs of the creator of the experiment than they are to the needs of the ultimate game player. Given all that it should not be surprising that in many respects the latest video is the least compelling of the lot as it is the most esoteric. Someone who sees update 15 without any other exposure to Limit Theory might not really get the concept of the game at all.

Of course for those of us who understand the fuller picture, the video clearly shows that Josh is pulling together a sim-verse that should be a very interesting place to spend some time. That is very exciting as most of the gaming industry focuses on the eye candy to cover over the paper mache thin environments that are presented to the gamer.

In my current game development efforts I am focusing on creating a world with emergent behavior first and foremost and trusting that once that is accomplished I should be able to form one or more interesting game concepts around it. I can imagine that in a few more decades this will become a standard approach to creating certain forms of immersive games.

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